And the ferry comes and goes.

“We are led

It is common knowledge

never stated

And always ignored

endlessly repudiated.

The most precocious of children

Slowly and awkwardly

we discover only those things

that have been so carefully

and lovingly

buried for us

to find.

Precious little gems

and valuable tools.

We stumble on them finally

only after an eternal time

of growing accustomed

to their shattering newness.

And of using them

for eons

until they are common and comforting

we discover them


So centuries ago

we coaxed that dancing flame

long after we knew its warmth.

And that special gift of round

was used and used and used.

Long before we accepted the wheel.

Even as

these very words

were born and nurtured

in the dark ages

of deep and gutteral emotion,

So too

this new jewel is waiting

weaving its gentle way into our lives

now quite regularly

soon to be realized

and discovered.

It is said that the crystal blue

of the deep morning sky

is only understood and felt completely

by those who no longer have sight.

The miracle of water

can only be appreciated by those

who always know thirst.

Although we wander needing through this life

endlessly cared for and loved,

and all our torments

merely indicate the presence

of change and discovery

and new needs soon to be satisfied;

It is our only measure

of this deep abiding care

that we remain


and so confidently searching

to follow.”

©1976 by James L. Anderson


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