We All Walk Around This Earth…

We all walk around this earth tightly wrapped in our own private circles, and we never truly understand how interconnected we are and how the dimensions and borders of our self-circumscribed lives extend far, far beyond us. Everywhere around us, as we wander alone through our isolated lives we are treading on sacred ground. Other Humans have been here before us. We just cannot sense or feel them. Droning through our selfish monologue of the hungers and needs of “Me” we are oblivious of the great chain of being we are part of. This sublime and glorious sacred mother earth has spun and danced through space in perfect rhythm, majesty and beauty for eons before us. This splendored universe murmurs with an unknown tongue every moment of our heedless lives in a haunting melody and cosmic rhapsody we simply have never heard. And that song will carry on long and long after us. We only live incomplete, shadow lives. Chained to the moment. Imprisoned in the now. Since the beginning Human beings have been stone deaf to the great symphony of being, never able to even imagine what a glorious thing a truly free and aware life could be.


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