A World In Collision


We need a new transformation and spiritual renaissance to unite our life force and to lead us all into the future. That unifying  consciousness must be perfectly manifested around and radiated from a sacred, universal Principium that cannot be violated or transgressed without the destruction of life itself. For all eternity to come this absolute Principium will then form the core structure and reality of all Human existence forevermore. That holy, universal Principium centering everything will mandate that Human beings must totally care for each other as obsessively, instinctively and fanatically as we now care for our own private, selfish lives. Following this transformation Human beings will not be able to separate caring for each other from life itself. This will be the birth of a New Human World.

As counterpoint to this astonishing transformation, our awakening Human life force will reach escape velocity in this journey into a New Human World by the recognition of two critical and elemental factors that simply define this chaotic civilization now raging all around us in indecipherable confusion today. There are two basic elements that perfectly explain this wild and crazy world we live in.

There is a fatal, elemental Primal ignorance now contaminating the fundamental structure of our present Human reality. There is a lethal error in the way we now form reason and thought. That flawed Primal Perspective now corrupts and contaminates all Human rational, logical and ordered Human thought.


Today, this Primal Perspective is destroying our life force and the biosphere that sustains life itself.

Counterposing this Primal Perspective is an evolving transfiguration of Human thought and an approaching metamorphosis of the Human mind that is presently developing beneath the surface everywhere in our modern world. In a dimension now obscured in the mystery shadows of the unknown, the Human mind is evolving a totally different vision of the meaning, design and destiny of all universe and life itself. This evolution has secretly been transpiring within the Human life force for eons. This profound evolution is now reaching final form.


This new Human Dream emanates from a totally new and unique perspective. It is a vision that lies beyond what we now primitively perceive as unity, wholeness, communication, truth, symbiosis, love and death itself. In this new window on universe and life there is the potential for magnificent, astounding answers that will allow our life force to escape extinction and oblivion. I believe this dream  will give our life force the light and the hope to survive.

If we were to somehow be able to witness our lives today from thousands of years in the future, everything in this tumultuous, inhuman chaos which our Human civilization is experiencing today would be clearly seen to be a mammoth, lethal confrontation between a fatally flawed Primal Perspective that is being transcended by a magnificent, new Human Dream. All around us today we see hopeless chaos. But from the serenade of the ages you and I are living in a world of magnificent change. Our Human life force is being transformed.

You and I must begin to understand that it is the Great Becoming of a New Human Dream that is being born today. This is why you and I are living in a world seemingly gone insane.

To give that new Human Dream life in this disintegrating world, you and I must somehow craft a new universal Principium that will center and inspire our life force to come together and truly and finally care for each other. A new Human species will then be born on this earth. And our children’s children will live in a better world.

And the sooner we all begin to truly believe in this impossible dream, the sooner you and I can begin to build a New Human World.


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