Where All These New and Radical Ideas Begin

After a lifetime of effort, there are a few things of critical value and importance that as clearly and simply as possible, I would like to offer.

All around us today there is one shattering and staggering truth that this universe is teaching us everywhere today, if we can manage to recognize it. And it is a monstrous and fatal flaw that is concealed and hidden beneath all of our daily, common lives. Beneath that common and ordinary domain of living, breathing existence you and I know as lifeitself, the real source of the human tragedy and enigma, and the secret, lethal problem that is now destroying our world is hidden. And it is time you and I see this secret and fatal flaw clearly.

The stark and raw truth that no one on this earth has clearly seen is that we never escape the primitive circle of our own private lives. We never break free and fly beyond the walls of the prehistoric prison of “Solitary One” and truly share, live and perfectly know the unknown glory that lies outside and beyond our own separate, island existences.

In the Human endless search for knowledge; in the drive to understand, to comprehend and the hunger to make the wild unknown safe and familiar- to know…This is the arena where we must evolve into a new future for our Human life force.  And we must gather within ourselves together by somehow focusing within us all the need to communicate, to establish commonality, connection and the intimate bonds of affection and to share and to love. The answer lies hidden in the urge to experience, encounter and to immerse oneself in universe and to enjoin a mystical, spiritual convergence and to somehow commune with the ultimate, transcendent design, destiny and consummate truth and meaning of all creation. That destiny that is universe speaks through us, and defines who we are and manifests the life imperceptibly centered within that conceals the secret all of us together must reach for and become.

Beneath all of this, disguised in elemental form is an underlying need and obsession to reach beyond ourselves. What the Human life force has truly and simply been hungering for in all these undying passions through the eons is to somehow expand outward and escape the confines of our private, disconnected, isolated and “solitary” lives. To escape that insular, suffocating detachment and to connect. In its myriad and countless forms, this is the Human Dream. It is the universal hunger at the root of life itself. To Unite. To belong.

To come Home.

But there is a stark truth you and I have to face. This careening, brutal, lost and desperate world now disintegrating all around us simply reflects one absolute and indisputable fact. Our Human species has failed to escape. We have failed to reach beyond the prison of our lives. We have failed to make the Human dream come true.

We think we escape, experience and know the universe beyond us, but in truth we do not. In our careful, precise and calculated lives surrounded by all the superficial interrelations, “things”, laws, facts, science and logical order we all gather around us…we console ourselves that we are connected, belong and have escaped. But we are fooling ourselves. We do not truly know the perfect, living knowledge and the sublime embrace of Unity. Deep inside that hunger to escape and belong remains sadly unfulfilled.

Even in the world of reason and rational logic and the colossus of theoretically objective scientific and technological order the modern sophisticated Human mind has created, the truth is that all of us still live in a fairy tale land of illusion. The shattering truth is that we are deceiving ourselves that we really know anything. We delude ourselves that any of us ever escape and leave our own private lives and our primitive prisons of “solitary one” behind. None of us have recognized how truly ignorant the Human mind still is. And how desperately isolated and alone we still are.

No Human being on this earth has ever truly expanded outward into the beyond and left the primal, “solitary” ignorance behind. The Human Dream is still yet unfulfilled. The Human mind has not yet escaped, and cannot yet truly know universe. We are still primitive. Still ignorant and prehistoric. We are still not yet truly evolved. Each of us see all universe and reality through the prehistoric lense of a Primal Perspective that is forever anchored and chained to our own private, prehistoric and primitive “solitary one” lives. We have not reached beyond and escaped the isolated, separate existences each of us live. We are still at last, and finally disconnected and apart. This is the agony that is destroying our world. The Human mind has still not truly evolved beyond the bestial terror of dark and ignorant prehistory.

And in this tragic and savage world today so buried alive in ignorance and lost despair, the time has finally come for the Human life force to, for the first time ever on this earth…to find the way home, and finish the ancient evolution. Each of us are living in a magnificent age of incomparable challenge and astonishing potential, where this impossible dream finally comes true. None of us have yet realized that all of us are living through the time of destiny for the Human life force. This is why our modern world is wildly and savagely careening in apparent madness all around us. It is the Great Becoming. We must see things as they really are, come together and somehow do the impossible. The time has come for Human beings on this earth to finally evolve and become the dream we were all born to be.

This is the shattering truth that I have discovered. This is what my books are all about.

And it is this raw and savage truth, and this fatal flaw that is the reason why we live in agony and fear. It is why we cannot truly care for one another or anything else in this magnificent and forever strange universe, why we never truly belong.
This is why in this savage and brutal world we cannot create peace, harmony, love and Utopia instead of the chaos, pain, agony and selfish destruction manifested everywhere in our desperate, lost and disintegrating world today.

If we are to save our children’s children, finally make the Human Dream come true and evolve our life force into a magnificent future almost beyond imagination, somehow you and I have to see things as they really are…stand and face this savage truth, and hand in hand together find a better way to be Human on this earth.

This is where all these new, incredible and revolutionary ideas that I am writing about begin. With your help, together we can evolve and create a new Human world and a coming metamorphosis of the Human mind that is waiting to be born. We can do the impossible and make it take wing.  In raw and imperfect form in all the words and books that are gathered here there is the whisper of that chance. Our life force can take that indistinct whisper and turn it into a song that all of us can sing in harmony together as we create what has never been before.

You and I must make it so.

Until that time,
Jim Anderson
Saltspring Island