What if it were True?

“What if it is true?  What if we are not as smart as we think we are?  None of us.  Every brilliant genius, all the world class thinkers, dreamers, and philosophers that have ever walked this earth, since the beginning?  What if the hallowed, crowning achievement of the human race… logical, rational and ordered human thought were absolutely proved to be primitive and deeply flawed?  That instead of supreme and prestigious arrogance at the astounding brilliance of rational thought, the truth is that for 10,000 years we have been whistling in the dark?  That the magnificent, complex civilization, astonishing technology, scientific order and method, philosophical conjecture and reason we have created were irrefutably shown to be built upon sand.

Just suppose this were to be so.  Suppose that the real reason our human society is disintegrating around us and we cannot truly find the answers that will rescue this human juggernaut of chaos, confusion, brutality and despair now raging through our modern civilization around us is because we are not as smart as we think we are…that the way our minds function is wrong.

50 years ago humankind took a leap of faith together and focused upon an impossible dream.  The moon.  It was a dream that took miracles, and millions of small steps by simple human beings.  But we did it.  Human beings walked on the moon.  But that was just a small step compared to the monstrous leap of changing the way the human mind fashions meaning, order and reason in universe…

Where in the world would we begin to reach for this new, impossible dream?   Where could we start?

First of all we must see beyond the apparent insoluble and vast diversity that humankind appears to evidence.  We must discover that beneath it all we are the same.  In our bodies each of our 60 million or so cells use the same identical template for life.  We are the same.  The same metabolic pathways.  Cellular biochemistry.  DNA.  Organelles.  Mitochondria.  We have discovered that all of us are stamped with the same imprint.  All of us share the same process.

And that discovery, and that secret oneness has permitted us to entertain the dream of solving the mystery…has given us hope that there is an answer there waiting to be found.  So it is with the mystery and dimension of human thought.  We must believe that there is a unity and commonality there also.  Beneath the imponderable complexity and incommunicable diversity that manifests on the surface everywhere in our disintegrating society, at the core center each of us must use the exact same elemental process to formulate logical, rational thought.  Like dreaming of walking on the Moon, we must begin to dream that we can find that deep, elemental process all of us secretly share.  And together we must find the faith to believe that once we discover this secret, we can again do the impossible, reach for a new star and begin human thought, and human life on earth again,.. in a different way.

Beneath the abstract, formless stream of awareness, when we try to make “sense” of universe, when we seek to formulate order and reason with logic and rationality each of us use an identical, deep and primary process that we have yet to discover and appreciate…

And that secret and ancient process began long ago at the beginning, in the darkness of prehistory…

Being able for the first time in all creation to see the human mind and logical human thought from the deep perspective of that star of a more evolved understanding will open the door to a higher ground and survival for us all.”

pp.74-77 “What if it were true?” Saltspring Solioquies ©2016 by James L. Anderson

“So, the reason we can only see and know “parts” and not the “whole” in universe is because each of us live forever separate and lonely “circles of light” that we never truly escape from or share.  More than this.  Our world is disintegrating around us and we are careening towards oblivion and extinction because of this primal prison all of us are captive in.  And to escape we have to find a way out of and beyond our own separate, isolated and lonely lives…evolve a higher consciousness and create a metamorphosis of the human mind.”

p. 36  “The Whisper of a Dream” Saltspring Soliloquies ©2016 by James L. Anderson

To begin to find our way out of this horror and madness today,  we have to begin to discover where we really are.  Who we really are.  And what we really are not.

We are not “Gods” on this earth, or masters of the Universe.  We never have been.  There is something outrageous and profound within us that riots always and everywhere outward to become something simply magnificent.  But we are not there yet.  Not by a long shot.  We all are in the grip of a divine dream that is actually the destiny of Universe itself.  But we are still floundering in  a back eddy,  though that deep, driving current still flows through and around us everywhere. We are all stardust being called home, yet we are still basically ignorant of all this.  Sometimes we manifest a staggering ignorance. that often takes monstrous shape and form that we know and call evil.

But, we are creatures born for the light.  Torment and rage and hunger for it.  Always. But we must suffer through the dark relentlessly believing  that inevitably somehow we will trouble through all this ignorant dark to find the light.  To find the way home.  Where we belong. We were all born to become something that is simply what we will one day be.  Whole.  Perfect.  As one, all of us.  And we will find the way.   It is just a matter of time.

But we are learning.  Even through all this hate, horror and agony today which we will somehow suffer through on the way, we are discovering the incredible truth that there is something within us that will not be denied.  We will find the strength and the courage deep inside us to storm through and gather together and carry on, honoring the gift of life and the dream we have always cherished inside us.

Hand in hand we will do the impossible.  No matter what.  We always have.  We always will.  Together we will find the way to the light and leave all the darkness behind us forevermore.  We will discover a higher consciousness that even now is secretly taking shape within the shadows of our awakening minds.  We will transform the Human mind once again.  Wait for it.

You and I will find the way home.