What are the Odds?

NASA photo: Hurricane Irene Full Earth View

It appears that the odds of dying from cancer or heart disease in this world are something like 1 in 7. The odds of getting killed in a car accident around 1 in 300. A cataclysmic storm, 1 in 46,000. Lightning 85,000. Chances of dying Sky diving are maybe 1 in 100,000. The odds of becoming a billionaire on this earth are approximately 1 in 6 million. And only 1 in 624 million Human beings have ever walked on the moon.

So what in this world would be the odds of being the one Human today that can incredibly discover an answer that will allow our tortured and desperate life force on this earth to somehow survive oblivion and extinction and carry the human dream through the thundering oncoming cataclysmic crisis that threatens to end Human life on this earth?

One in 7.6 billion.

We all hope and strive to change this world and find the way through so our children’s children can walk this earth free and safe somewhere in the future. But what are the odds?

And is it not the height of ridiculous insanity to even believe someone can?

“Half a century ago, in my youth I began a journey that has evolved into a lifelong, consuming drive to change our civilization and finally make it a truly Human world. Somehow, even then, I knew that this age of disintegration, chaos and savagery now imperiling all Humankind lay in wait for us all. And instinctively I understood that it would challenge our species to the limits of our abilities. We would have to evolve almost beyond imagination to survive. And this is how it all began.”

(Quote from front cover flap of “Saltspring Solilquies”)

© 2016 James L. Anderson