We Must Learn to Care

To truly save our planet we must somehow create a radical change in our human consciousness beneath everything we do. We cannot rescue humankind from a death march to oblivion unless we reach a higher and more evolved consciousness in the collective human mind. Beneath the surface everywhere that metamorphosis is secretly beginning. But we all must find a focus to unite our life force around if we are to succeed. The heart center of that unison must be that as human beings we must learn to truly care. Beyond the circle of our own separate, isolated and self-centered lives we must learn to care for one another, and for this beleaguered planet with the same obsessive intensity.

It is the ancient Golden Rule, and we still have not learned how. We care for ourselves first, all of us. And all inhumanity, chaos, brutality, exploitation and ignorance ultimately stem from the fact that we still have not been able to expand our minds to resolve this primal duality. We still have not learned this lesson. In our world, today, it is still sadly…“Survival of the fittest.” “Bottom line.” “Look after Number One.” “Me first.” Profit, power, privilege and selfish gain still rule over making every life worth living on this planet.

Nothing has really changed. And now the situation has become critical. Our order and stability are disintegrating. Our society is collapsing. Our knowledge and technology are becoming irrelevant. All of us now are staring at the stark truth that we have wasted our planet to the point where life itself is in peril. The unavoidable truth is that our civilization today is careening towards extinction. And it is more than any one of us individually can deal with. The only chance we have is to face this oncoming catastrophe together. Every human being on this planet galvanized as one life force. Together. This we have never been able to do, in all history. It has simply never happened before. And it has now become a desperate problem. So, we need something new. A new way of being human on this planet. A metamorphosis of the human mind.

We must find a way to solve this eternal problem. Human beings must finally learn to care for something beyond their own discrete and selfish lives. We must find a pathway beyond that primitive ignorance. We must stop manipulating, exploiting and deceiving each other and stop contaminating our world with that destructive ignorance. We need to evolve a higher consciousness where the ensemble, not the isolated, separate piece is most important and priceless. We need to capitalize upon the glorious potential of human beings on this planet that are now wasted and consumed. We need to expand communication, compassion and humanism into a new dimension where life itself can be shared. We must find a way to live together in peace. All of us must now recognize that we simply do not care enough now, and that we either learn to truly care or we perish. We can make human life and all life sacred on this planet. Everything you and I do must somehow help to make this a more caring world.

The radical and revolutionary ideas in my books and my web page are my effort to help to make this a more Human and caring world. Please take a few moments to help me spread these unusual and unique ideas outward into our world.


Until that time,
Jim Anderson
Saltspring Island