We are Wasting Our Time… You and Me

It is true that there is a dream within us all. But there is something more. There is a darkness that is also within us. And it is what always holds us back and keeps us from evolving into what we were born to be. It is a haunting ignorance that stops us from reaching the light. And it keeps the Human dream from coming true.

It is why the ancient saga of our Human life force has always been a repeating cycle of reaching for that light, and failing…and then being engulfed in that savage ignorance and incredibly surviving through stark darkness until the dream within us somehow finds its wings again.

And it is all happening to us once more.

Again we all seem to be hurtling downward into a Dark Age and a black abyss, this time towards dark oblivion and the horror extinction of our life force for all time.  

But what if there was a way out? A door to open where we could all start again. Leaving that cycle and a world and a civilization behind that appears to be being torn apart in terror, rage, torture, war and savage inhumanity, and a biosphere that is becoming inhospitable to Human life itself…what if there was a transformation we could make that would allow us to find the way through to the light, to create a new Human community of truth and peace, glorious Unity, justice and a future where we could all survive?

What would it be worth to create such a new Human world, and begin it all again, in a different way? 

And could we possibly find it in time before that black horror of Oblivion crushes the Human Dream within us for all eternity?

If we really look carefully we can see colossal ignorance hidden within the hallowed structure of all that we now cherish and cling to as truth, fact, law and safe order in our floundering world around us now.

We have walked on the moon, voyaged among the stars and learned to predict Universe in nanoseconds, when we really have no idea what it all means. We bring Human Beings back to life, are obliviously tinkering with the sublime Holy mystery of life in manipulating, engineering and editing what we believe is the sacred center of birth, and even abominably believing we can create artificial life…while we are staggeringly ignorant of the magnificent reason why you and I have been given the gift of life itself.

With our logical, rational thought we delude ourselves that we are objective, dispassionate, impartial and that with our symbolic mathematics we are speaking in the “language that God created the universe in”, that with our supreme, exalted, eminently logical cognitive and critical thought we are lordly creatures blessed with an evolving rational, cosmic embodiment of the “mind of God”.

We are not.

We are all fools, whistling in the dark.

But it does not have to be that way. Somehow we are destined for something better. Something incredible.

At the center of all that we have created and stand upon now as “logical”, “rational”, deductive and scientific fact, law and sacred order, and beneath the sublime, superior platform that supports and sustains our pompous certainty and belief that our modern reasoned mindscape ordains us with “exceptional” superiority placing us upon the throne as the almighty “chosen” emperors of all Creation…lurking there is monstrous, deadly and catastrophic error in the intelligent design we manifest, imperiously allowing us to reign uncontested with indisputable, divine and supreme intellect that sanctifies us as “Masters of the Universe”, “Lords of Creation”, and “Gods” of Earth.

Look around you now.

We are not.

But we could be. 

The light is still within us somewhere. And we will find it. We just have to stop believing that there are any of us on this earth that deserve to believe they are really “Gods”. None of us are anywhere near the ultimate perfection of what we were born to be. 

Not yet.

We still only can focus upon the part. We believe in all universe that the whole is always only the sum of its parts. This is simply just not true. Nothing is really apart. Unwhole. The whole cannot be reached or created from part. It requires thought from a totally new dimension.

And the only place in all universe where the part, the separate, isolated, lone and disconnected essence exists is in our own private, “solitary one” lives that we cannot yet escape, or share. We cannot now know, nor have Humans ever known what another living, breathing Human “circle of light” is like. We imagine it must be the same. We just never really know, because we can only now live our own separate lives.

We are yet colossal buffoons and “Global Fools” because we still believe all Universe and cosmic reality will finally make sense when we find the “God” particle that must be hidden at the center everywhere. Just like we believe that the solitary, isolated and hopelessly disconnected lives we all live are supposed to be that way. They are not. We live in dark ignorance only because we have yet to find the way to evolve into a higher consciousness where it is possible to “communicate”, share, experience and know what it is like to live another Human life. That is the metamorphosis of our Human minds we are all desperately troubling towards. We just haven’t realized it yet. 

We will finally start to live truly HUMAN lives when we begin to open that door. And there is no other way to survive and escape this disintegrating horror our Human lives have become until we do. Somewhere inside us, we all know this to be true.

We have been wasting our time…you and me.

We have been wasting our lives, instead of evolving a New Way to be Human on earth and transforming our primitive communication to where we can actually feel, experience and live life together. We will then finally care for and “love one another” for the first time on earth, because we will finally know each other like we know and treasure ourselves.

The time has come to leave the arrogant, primitive and prehistoric ignorance behind us at long last. Time to find the way to reach out and come together, recognizing finally that the path through to our future and to survive passes through each other. Finding the way through by evolving a new way to learn to live together ultimately becoming a truly United life force, and leaving the “Long Loneliness” behind us forevermore.

Time to stand up and take charge of our lives and hand in hand take charge of our Human future. For all that we love. All that we are. 

And all that we will be…together.

And so it goes.