Walking Legends

We don’t think much of ourselves and our species. Take a survey.  Ask anyone.  “What is your opinion of the Human Race?”  “Are we going to make it?”  “Will we survive?”  Watch the faces. See it in the eyes. The speech thickens and the sad litany of fatalism and despair oozes and torrents out. It is a dark tale of a life forced buried apathy, despair and selfish ignorance.  Subservient.  Overwhelmed. Unable to cope.  At sea in a brutal and savage world beyond their control.

We have so little respect for human beings in this world. It is true. Little true respect for each other, and so precious little respect for ourselves.  And, perhaps, it is true.  Preoccupied , absorbed and distracted with our toys,  entertainment and our addictions we frolic through lives of indecent and obscene affluence, and those who appreciate and know desperate need are buried alive in hunger and pain that is really too much to bear. And they have nothing to give, anyway. It is a stark and sad story. Things are falling apart everywhere and we can’t seem to do anything to stop it. It seems that all we can do is hang on and find comfort and sanctuary anywhere we can. But what do we do that really matters?

We human beings can’t seem to focus or care about anything but ourselves. Deep down we know how it looks. Desperate human life wasted and consumed.  Innocent children, the hope of our world squandered and savaged on the streets of our brutal cities, and in abominable, inhuman wars that never seem to end.  A sacred, glorious planet contaminated and destroyed.  We hide from the truth everywhere, but inside all of us know how corrupt, indecent and pathetic our lives really are. We know.

There is a deadly challenge and reckoning coming. And we know that we really are doing nothing about it. This is really why we have so little respect for each other and ourselves. We know what must be done. We know it is suicide to continue living our stupefied and oblivious lives. Don’t kid yourself.  On the surface, in the cozy affluence of wealth and property it is business as usual, and everything is fine. But deep, deep down the terror lurks. We know… all of us. We know.

But we are missing something here. Like tortured frogs sitting in water beginning to boil, we really have no idea how desperate our lives are. We don’t begin to recognize that just living today and walking this wretched earth in these times is a courageous, impossible task. Our life force and our beings are at the breaking point today, everywhere. Earth today for us is a torture chamber. And the real torture is that you and I are wasting our lives. And we know it.  And it is destroying us inside. Every second the pressure we bear of guilt, despair and corruption is beyond anything that human beings have had to deal with on this planet since the beginning of time. Like those space probes sent to inhabitable and toxic planets that somehow survive all expectations and function for years and years almost beyond belief.  Every human being on this earth is a walking miracle. And you have to respect that. You have to.

All of us are walking legends. We just don’t know it yet. Every moment we live we carry the human dream through a living hell that daily becomes more and more unbearable. We may be pathetic , corrupt and worthless. Yet we still carry on. Yet we still survive.

And as a species we will have more respect for each other if we can finally appreciate one last thing. You and I walk through this disintegrating terror and desperate world today alone. We must finally see that we are not built to withstand this pressure all by ourselves. No matter how courageously and valiantly we live our lives, it is just a matter of time until that brutal vulnerability of being so terribly alone brings us down. Not ‘spozed to be that way. Time we learn. One by one, alone, cut-off and adrift we shatter and fail in numb, lost agony, always. But back to back, together, we can stand and survive anything. Together, we are invincible. It would be a force to be reckoned with…and worthy of respect.  A human powerhouse of walking legends.  Hand in hand together.