Universe: (Italian: Uni-Vertere) “To Turn Into One”

Nasa photo: Sunrise From Space And outer space supports. pics-about-space.com

“Man- of all ages and culture- is confronted with the solution of one and the same question: The question of how to overcome separateness, how to achieve union, how to transcend one’s own individual life and find atonement…Whether a carpenter makes a table, or a goldsmith a piece of jewelry, whether the peasant grows his corn or the painter paints a picture, in all types of creation the worker and his object become one…man unites himself with the world in a process of creation.” The Art of Loving  by Erich Fromm

“Unless our species can reach beyond ancient conflict, primal confrontation, discord, selfish greed and self-centered, blind ambition to come together- unless we can forge Humankind into a galvanized community on this planet to face the catastrophic crisis approaching, hand in hand as one united life force on this earth- we will splinter and fall into extinction and oblivion.  We have to learn to care for each other as instinctively and intensely as we now fanatically protect and treasure our own separate, private lives, or the Human chain of life will end.  We must see beyond our selfish ignorance and finally understand that we can no longer save ourselves and escape alone.  There is no longer anywhere to hide. We have to find the magnificent consensus and the sublime synthesis to absolutely and for all eternity…to truly care for other Human beings and all live on this planet.  It is the challenge and the destiny of our age.  Only if we can stand together as one. Hand in hand.  For the first time ever on Earth. Red, Yellow, Black and Brown. Every man, woman and child.  United as one life force to face the coming catastrophic crisis together.
Without that indestructible and solid unity we will simply not survive.
P. 8-9 “Together” A New Way to be Human on Earth  ©2012 by James L. Anderson

“Let the storms blow through the streets of cities; the root is safe, the many-faceted animal of which we are one flashing and evanescent facet will not pass with us. When the last seared hand has flung the last grenade, an older version of that hand will be stroking a clinging youngster hidden in its fur, high up under some autumn moon.  I will think of beginning again, I say to myself then, sleepily. I will think of beginning again, in a different way…” Loren Eiseley, “In the Firmament of Time” ©1960

“Through simply a convergence of circumstance you and I are living through the time of destiny for all humankind. And there is really nothing special about us. All we are is human. That is all our life force has ever been.

Lurking in us all is the potential to do something incredible and impossible.

All we have to do is find a way to let that magnificence rise to the surface in our world today. We have to answer the challenge that no one has been able to answer throughout all history. There is a secret, primeval problem hidden. You and I, in this age have to bring that unknown monster out of the darkness and into the light of day. We must face the shattering truth that we are fundamentally ignorant of what universe and life itself truly mean. We have to take the broken lost pieces of our civilization and become the human dream that will galvanize our life force into a crescendo for magnificent change together. Nothing less will do. There is no other way for us to survive.

We human beings on this earth today are guardians of the destiny of an entire life force. You and I must make this impossible journey for every human being that has ever walked this earth…
So that the human chain will not end.”
p. 11 “The Endless Chain” Saltspring Solioquies ©2016 by James L. Anderson