We call it Universe. It exists all around us, everywhere. It is a flow, a Continuity that is a rhapsody of cyclic, revolving seemingly endless harmony we have spent ages and ages to comprehend. The fulminating wonder each of us call life is part of that sublime, unintelligible flow that is universe. And we have primitively fabricated the web of dedicated symbolic logic we call Consciousness to explain and DEFINE all of it into a comfortable and stable platform. With this primal platform since ancient prehistory our life force has stood upon it to model the “aware” civilization you and I now safely and successfully have utilized to animate and conquer what we call earth, and with which we have voyaged into the unknown we call space to journey among the stars.

But in our world of science, technology, Reasoned Logic and automated, computerized AI assisted existence this modern world we ignorantly struggle through is disintegrating everywhere in endless war, terror, savage inhumanity and ruthless, blind ignorance. Something is desperately wrong in this consciousness and civilization we have created. We must somehow dare to stand and evolve, and find another way beyond.

You and I.

This model and perspective we now primitively comprehend as “universe” is totally wrong. Universe is a compendium that exists and is evolving towards perfect, total Union. In fact Universe is actually the womb of Perfect, total UNION that is yet unborn.

From our primitive fulcrum of “Solitary One” ignorance we cannot yet even imagine that such an impossible, outrageous idea could anywhere conceivably be true.

Beyond our staggeringly inhuman and savagely ignorant vaunted “intelligence” the simple truth is that Universe is a CONTINUUM to UNION. A rage to Unity that now exists nowhere in our present tragic human death march to oblivion and extinction.

Throughout our history vague undefined intimations of this yet unimaginable state, or existence have surfaced in all walks of religion, mysticism and spiritual belief. All Universe is destined to reach a threshold beyond which lies perfect total Union. It is an unstoppable, invincible force that cannot possibly be derailed. And that unimaginable state of perfect, total UNION of all creation has not yet occurred. It is still unborn. (Just so we live in confusion, uncertainty and primitive ignorance…yet)

To begin to believe in and even consider this, imagine how such a cosmos, or Universe would simply present itself.

You would have a continual, everywhere progression towards UNION. This flow towards UNION would then turn into its mirror relationship (which from our primitive Life/Death ignorant “awareness” would be perceived as flow in the opposite direction, or a retreat.) …This flow would then recede because in this Universe perfect, total UNION is yet unborn.

This mirrored reverse flow, because of the indomitable, unstoppable flowing CONTINUUM to UNION that is universe, must eventually, irrevocably, regularly and predictably be re-aligned and synthesized into flow towards UNION once again. And this cyclic rhapsody would repeat, repeat and repeat again eternally and would splendor apparently in predictable, revolving endless pregnant anticipation everywhere.

Always. Until Perfect, Total UNION is born.

This elemental cycle would then form the Enduring, Faithful, Rhythmic Harmony of all Universe. It would be in the rhythm of the waves, the symmetry of atomic and stellar regularities and the bio-systems of life itself. It now lies everywhere around us when we desperately retreat out into nature and witness the Universe at large, and the sublime heartbeat still beating there. If only we could see it.

As such what we now define as “discrete essence” and know as the symbolic representation now placed to center the logical symbolic consciousness is an invalid, ignorant, wrong, incomplete perspective. We foolishly see it as a direct reflection of our disconnected, separate, “Solitary One” lives that we tragically cannot yet escape or SHARE.

We unfortunately therefore accept and perceive that this “discrete essence” at the center everywhere is also eternally separate, disconnected and inviolably Solitary. Discrete.

Forever un-united.

This is absolutely incorrect. And we must begin the evolution of our Life Force into a higher consciousness and a New Human World by daring to perceive “discrete essence” instead as a POTENTIAL.

A POTENTIAL for perfect, total UNION that totally belongs in and flows with the CONTINUUM to UNION that is the destiny of all Universe and life itself which in our fatal primitive ignorance we have yet to even imagine. And in this way you and I will begin to evolve out of our hopeless, darkening “Solitary One” consciousness towards a New Human Species on this earth.

In such a more highly Evolved awareness, we must entertain and begin to create an existence where we believe that we are all destined to finally evolve and learn to SHARE life; Just as Universe is unimaginably destined towards an unborn Perfect, total Unity in an incomprehensible, gloried future world lying ahead of us all.

And in that unimaginable sublime evolution we will finally know the meaning of life, and the destiny of all Universe, at last… Because we would be LIVING and sharing it. And Humankind on this earth will belong as one united Life force and survive into A New Way to be Human forever.

Imagine that.