Try to Imagine

“Try to imagine a world where Human beings spent their lives focusing most of all upon Union, upon cooperation and working ever more closely together to find the hidden ways to “share” life more perfectly rather than concentrating on self-centered survival, suspicion, accumulation of wealth and advantage, or preservation of territory, property and domain. Dream of a world without hypocrisy, greed, deception, distrust, duality, exploitation or waste. Where no set of arbitrary laws or judicial and governmental systems of organized retribution and punishment served to maintain and enforce external social and moral order, but instead order and cohesive stability flowed from a common focus within us all, as our Human society and our lives invisibly inclined towards becoming One along with the universal Continuum to perfect, magnificent Union.  Picture a world where the strong are always just, and exploitation or usury are non-existent; where hate, fear, brutality and oppression are viewed as intolerable hindrances to the nurturing of priceless and vital Unity.  Where everyone resonates deeply to the sacred truth that finding the path together to Union is our only way to survive. Where for the first time on Earth and in all history everyone was on the same page. Scientists. Supreme and powerful elite. Philosophers. Spiritual leaders. Every race, creed and social being. And every blessed common life on Earth. Walking the same path. Dreaming the same dream.”

P. 104,  A New Way to be Human on Earth © 2012 James L. Anderson