We Humans, today, are on a collision course where civilization and our biosphere may not survive. The tiny cabal of supreme elite now ruling us cannot save us. Those Global Fools think it is “Their” world. It is not. It is OURS.  It is ours to lose.

Somehow we have to come together and believe we can change the world again. It is time you and I reach beyond our desperate, separate lives and stand together as one life force and do the impossible, hand in hand.

We must make it through.

The finest thing any of our leaders can do for us is to truly believe in each of us enough so that they inspire us to be more than we thought we could possibly become. Our life force has done the impossible before. We must do it again. Deep within us, each of us has the potential to leave behind our primitive state of mind and become one, whole golden new civilization together.
We have always secretly known that Universe would one day summon the life spirit inside us to a final convergence with the reason why you and I were given the gift of life. It is the lesson of life, and eternity. It is what Universe means.

Deep inside in the heart center we have known that

there will come a point where Humankind and Universe itself will be poised finally on the fulcrum of eternity, on the threshold of total oblivion, or a new dawn…a new dream. This is that point. This is that dream.

Human beings must learn to truly care for each other, or Humankind will perish from this earth.

We either live together, or die apart.