This has All Happened Before

I can remember in the 50’s and 60’s of my youth a world that has faded away, lost forever now. Where we believed that our leaders could be trusted to lead and inspire us to reach for a better, more Human world. Where Humanity lived lives of Common Law, trust and faith in the future. And where here in the developed, civilized world we truly believed that every Human being could and should live lifetimes that were worth living. Where a Human life was precious, sacred. Where witnessing the savage barbarity of Human suffering and the horror of torture and the brutal insanity of war just tore us all up inside. And global peace was simply “the necessary rational end of rational men”. We all felt safe. Secure. Protected…a world where we looked and dreamed of a future hopeful and almost fearless. 

But that safe sanctuary of common dreams, decency, trust and peace has died within us all in this terrorized insanity we call civilization today. Driven like tortured, deranged sheep in the self-destructive throes of “spiritual death” we are all becoming refugees in our own lives. And it can no longer be avoided. This bleak dark horror you and I are living through today is headed for chaos. For Madness. For unspeakable inhuman agony. For Hell. It is simply true. And the real horror is that there seems no way out. No chance to survive. No hope. No hope at all.

But there is something else we should understand. It is all not new. We have been here before. All of us. We have just forgotten. We have been here before. 

Long and long ago it was all closing in around us then. The round world we were in was becoming toxic. Becoming hopelessly deadly, exhausted and polluted, corrupted. Unlivable.

Impossible. Hopeless. No way out. NO way to survive.

Then there was that hidden trap door. And that ungodly small tunnel. And we tortured our way through. Somehow we left that hopeless horror behind and raged screaming free into a strange, wild new world. A lifetime ago, we took that miraculous Giant Leap into the unknown leaving absolutely everything safe and familiar behind that we had ever known. Each of us in our own separate ways somehow found the way through. We were born. Born into a place and a dimension we had never been before. It happened. 

And so, we have all been here before. We have just forgotten.

This has all happened before.

And although we have buried deep within us the trace memory of that stark and traumatic time when we had to leave that safe refuge and all that we had ever known behind to survive and be born, the dark fear of that horror time remains. 

That is why all of us are living so afraid in a world that is hopelessly closing in upon us all today. For our life force to survive into the future, deep within us all in secret embryonic memory we remember what must happen next. 

Lord help us all.

You and I and everyone around us are desperately trying to hold our lives, our families and our world together as our civilization is being buried alive in hate, senseless murder, chaos, madness and the mindless horror of war, torture and innocent women and children being killed with no sensitivity, humanity or moral outrage.

The round world we all are living in is becoming unlivable, once again. To stop the raging juggernaut of terror and inhumanity deep, deep inside we know what we all have to do. And it scares the hell out of us all.

You and I must somehow gather together and take our first baby steps into another Human world. We must find the courage to conquer the terrifying fear and primitive, dark ignorance leaving everything behind us to make it so, and escape to be born again. There is another world and reality we have to somehow reach for beyond anything we have ever known. We have to leave everything behind once again and evolve into something now beyond imagination. This we know. This we have all done before. And we know what leaving everything behind really means…and how impossible that journey will be.

And we must begin to understand.

We all have to begin to prepare ourselves for that coming incredible, impossible journey. And we have to begin in our minds themselves, and the awakening consciousness we will need to survive the journey into another world.

To leave everything behind we must begin to understand what what leaving “everything” really means now. In this technological, scientific civilized world of today leaving “everything” behind requires a Giant Leap in perception for us all. 

“Everything” for us all is really the factual, synthetic, alternate reality of symbolic and rational, logical cognitive order evolved long ago in the prehistoric Human mind that now constitutes a safe sanctuary and stable refuge from the alien, wild and prehistoric unknown for modern Humankind. 

This alternate structured foundation that now is the supporting cradle that secures and sustains what we now think, reason, organize and know as safe, protected reality in this external universe is secretly and fatally flawed. This “Primal Perspective” of symbolic, cognitive, logical and rational order is what we must prepare ourselves to leave behind if we want to survive. 

And, incredibly, we must do that together as one consummate life force… by undergoing a metamorphosis of the Human mind and evolving a new way to “think” and make sense of all Universe itself collectively. That astounding coming metamorphosis and impossible journey to evolve once again can only be made together, hand in hand…as one united life force evolving into a new Human Species on this earth. Imagine that. We have to escape and transform again, emerging as newborn babes…where we will have evolved as one species into another way to be Human on this earth. 

There is no other way to survive. 

This is simply the truth. And we have to somehow find the path to converge into one united Human life force to make this outrageous, impossible voyage to evolve and survive again. The odds are against us. They always have been.

We have to find the way to come together and begin.