The Truth

The truth is simply this.

What we all need to do now. And what is needed to be said is:


Why? Is our world now disintegrating all around us into terror and hate, savage inhumanity, murder and chaos with all hope and faith for a better, more Human world slipping away from us all?

And if we as the walking legends of our Human Life Force on this planet can finally see what the deadly problem is…the only thing that matters is- do we have the faith and the dream still inside us to evolve and transform once again…

To evolve another New Way to be Human on Earth?

Can we step through that door and survive once more into the future by becoming a New Human Species on this planet, and allow our children’s children to survive and walk upon this earth in a new golden age for all Humankind…into the future?

This is the Problem that is threatening us with black oblivion and Dark extinction for all eternity:

Each of us spend our lives in a primal prison we never escape all our lonely, separate lives. You and I spend the sublime mystery of “life” in a private, unspoken prison that we can never truly share with anyone else. No one can ever truly LIVE, experience and feel the world that we separately and in tragic isolation really “know”. And to survive now, we desperately need something more.

The enemy that is tearing our world and our biosphere apart is not “out there” in the world at large. The truth is the enemy is inside us. Every one of us. Each of us spend the magnificent wonder of “life” in a forever discrete lonely sanctuary we can never reach out of to really try to share. Though God knows we try.

And what has kept us in that primitive private prison of I, “me”, ego and self  is fear. It is simply the Primal Fear that lurks secretly deep within us all.  The threat to survival that drove us deep inside ourselves long and long ago in a primitive, savage and prehistoric dark age of monstrous peril.

But we are living today in another age of terrifying peril and savage threat to the survival of our Human Life Force on earth for all eternity. To survive we can no longer rage to hide ourselves behind the walls we surround ourselves with. Somehow we must dare to transform and somehow reach outside of our “Solitary One” lives to try to begin to evolve the care  and the empathy to form a United Human Life force we will need to face the catastrophic crisis thundering down upon us all. We must now truly comprehend that to save ourselves we can no longer save ourselves by hiding from each other. We can no longer be afraid to reach out to each other…to discover that we are all the same…which we really are.

We must somehow gather together to find the way to begin to see and know each other for who we really are. To truly live  and “share” the incomparable wonder of life, itself.

And all of the agony, tragedy, ruthless inhumanity and desperate ignorance now raging all over this earth today are only because the time has come to now escape, or none of us will survive.

We try to escape, but we cannot. Not yet.

But it is now, or never.

So what we now need to do, as a Human Life Force, and as the whispering, living legends that still carry the Human Dream is this:

The simple answer, and the only way out of this hopeless, monstrous world today is that we must learn and finally evolve the ultimate form of Communication.

We must stand together and conquer our primitive, prehistoric fear and learn to evolve the unbelievable ability to experience, live, truly know and perfectly “share” another Human life- and ultimately all life. For the very first time, ever. And from that moment on, this earth will transform and change almost beyond imagination and Human Beings will never be the same again. And our Life Force will survive.

Beneath the surface now for centuries we have been secretly transforming towards this metamorphic evolution. We just haven’t realized it yet.

But when we do- nothing will ever be the same again. We will have escaped and have left this hateful, savagely inhuman and wretched primitive world behind us forever.

What if meeting and enjoining another Human Being in the future would be like coming Home?

When we finally evolve the metamorphic ability to share  another Human life, and then all life, we will have evolved into a New Human Species on this Earth. And our children will evolve onward and survive…for us all.

It is up to us. You and me.

We must survive, and evolve…and at last truly CARE for each other.

And make it so.