The Mystery Continues

The time of our lives, the moments and passions that fill out the wonder and the magic we simply call “living” are passing by among us right now…here while I am writing these words, and there wherever you are now reading them. Like water pouring out of a glass these precious moments are given to us all. But we humans today cannot yet see that there is something amazing hidden there. There is a potential there between us of something magical and profound. Something that “could be”; the chance of something happening beyond anything we could possibly imagine.  Within the phantoms of what was past, is now in this sacred present and then lies there in what you and I are thoughtlessly dreaming towards… what impossibly could “BE” stirs fragile and expectant within us all.  Even here in these simple words of what we primitively call “communication” something much much more highly evolved could be born and “happen”.

But instead now always that magic and divine possibility splatters heedless on the ground at our feet lost forevermore. Wasted.

Yet within all that mysterious and unsuspected possibility something whispers there. Hidden there in those sacred moments each of us live by ourselves is a secret.

It could be something grand. Something magnificent. Something true to the majesty of living, breathing life  lies there as a lost and waiting vibrant possibility begging to be lived and “shared” together. Life and existence simply beyond our wildest dreams. Living beyond the prison of our own separate lives. The possibility of spending our time on this earth together.

Stepping in union into another world and another dimension of life itself.

Imagine that.

It could happen. We have been given the wonder of “life” itself for a reason. Our lives, this fractured world and the Human dream all of us are now wasting could blossom into the pure glory of coming together as one. It is a secret and it could “happen”. Another world beckons between you and I. The mystery continues.

Together we could be something unbelievably incredible.

It is all up to us.