The Dream of Being Human on this Earth

Beneath it all today, you and I carry something grand. Something that our lost, forgotten magnificent primitive ancestors raged through ages and ages of murderous, savage, impossible horror now beyond belief so that we can breathe today…alive. It was just a dream, and is still today. The dream of being Human on this earth.

You and I still carry that dream, and the challenge.

Our children. And our children’s children…and their children’s children will not breathe free and Human on this earth in the future unless you and I—driven to our knees in mortal deadly, paralyzing terror fear in this horror alien world today—unless we can somehow find the faith and the impossible will to come together and keep that Human Dream alive today. This is the age more than any other time, ever, when the Dream…and living “Human” can be lost…forever.

When we look into the eyes of our children, or our grandchildren the truth lies there. We are their only hope. Somehow we must stand together as one and gather the courage and the unity to do the impossible and find the way through to keep our Human Dream alive, once again.

Against all odds.

In my lifetime for over the last half century I have been seeking to chart and awaken us to a hidden mystery outrageous evolution towards a better world now fulminating beneath the surface in the potential lurking in us– as we all try to live lives “Being Human” in this raucous world today. It is becoming starkly clear to all of us in these dark days of peril that somehow evolving into a metamorphic higher consciousness where we can finally truly care for one another and carry the Human Dream into the future together is the only way to survive.

And in the last few storming years you and I have been brought to our knees lost and desperate… masked, social distanced and hideously captured in merciless, inescapable solitary confinement that none of us saw coming. It may take years, decades and even centuries to clearly comprehend what it all is really about. But we do not have that much time.

What really is at stake here is that “Being Human” is under savage, stealthy and catastrophic threat in this seemingly hopeless, and ever more inhuman world today. You and I are being secretly threatened with an Extermination Level event where what will end is that living HUMAN lives will become extinct. This is what all this pandemic madness is really all about. We need to comprehend what is at stake here. What we all could lose. Forever.

We must now comprehend how precious, rare and simply irreplaceable in all Universe we are. You and I must now realize what this wonderful mystery of living lives “Being Human” is. You and I must see it clearly.

It cannot be surrendered and given away no matter the cost. All Human life, and our magnificent potential now awaiting us all in the future deserve the chance to see the light and breathe Human on this Earth long and long after we are gone.

What does it mean to be HUMAN?

First of all, it is simply a Dream. And it was whispered into us when we were given the Gift of Life itself, though we cannot yet know and understand this. To be “born” in this universe and emerge in convergence from the diffuse, indiscrete wonder of eternity and ALL by taking shape and Human form in this Universe we were branded, blessed and baptized with the secret design, destiny and meaning of all Universe and Creation itself, though none of us now comprehend what it all means… or Why we have been given the gift of Life, still.
Try to understand what was whispered into us then, when you and I were born.

Beyond our primitive Awareness now…Universe is the Womb and Birthing place of an as yet Unborn perfect, total, perfect UNION…that does not yet exist.
This is where the surging energy, periodicity, rhythm and cyclical eternal flowing harmony of this natural Universe comes from. It is simply the enduring, indestructible attraction towards that sacred, perfect Unity corresponded by the predictable eternal retreat necessary because UNION cannot yet be born in this expectant Universe. And it will repeat, repeat and repeat again in significant, predictable identity until glorious Unity is finally birthed. This is why Universe flows, whirls, throbs and shines. It is why we were born. And why we Live, always on the gasp.

For all our children’s children we have to awaken to see who we really are and what it all means. Human. We are Part of the Universal CONTINUUM that is evolving towards a yet unborn Total Union woven from all Creation. Against all odds.

It is why at heart center we are all Spiritual Beings. Why we all seek communion, harmony and Unity somehow, someway all of our lives. Why we rage outward to Know, communicate and discover that genesis and center yet to come, always. Why from that moment we were BORN we yearn to find home…to discover at last where we somehow naturally belong, together as ONE. Why in our imperfect ways we try to Love one another beyond anything we have ever known, somehow creating what has never been before.

Living, breathing in that outrageous quest is how and why we can create, give birth and reproduce, dreaming towards that miracle of UNION. And we must finally comprehend why we seek, care and rage ever outward… to “Be Human”. It is time now to understand.

In this monstrous world today, all this is desperately threatened with extinction.
And it all happened so quickly. All of us were overrun and broken apart. We all were driven into ourselves. Where we were SAFE. But alone. Not Human.

Why did we all run instinctively within into I, ego, Being and the island “solitary One” existence we all know as ME.

Because it is all we have ever truly KNOWN. Nothing else is so visceral. Systemic. Real. Lived.
The challenge to truly live “Being Human” lies beyond symbols, science, technology and all law, fact, formula and mathematics. And when we are brought facing up close and personal with forever losing something you love, hold dear and have become tentatively united and One with…the detached, confident world of science, logic, technology, law and fact are simply illusion, and empty charade. What we can touch, feel and sense is real and safe. But it is simply not enough. We were created to enjoin the battle to find perfect UNION, at last. You and I.

But in this world you and I are running away terrified from each other, abandoning the Dream and who we all are…trying desperately to escape. When there is no escape from the destiny that was breathed into us when we were born.

How could we have let this happen? How could we have let it slip away? How could we have been driven to give away the gift and promise of “Being Human? What could possibly have forced us all to break away from each other into our safe prison cells of SELF?


And not just any fear. The Primal, horror, prehistoric systemic FEAR that lurks deep and centered beneath every whisper of terror in our lives today.


No one can escape DEATH. Unless against all odds You and I evolve a better way to be HUMAN on Earth. Where we can “Share” Life itself, as one, communicating in a higher more perfect form of Communication…never created before… where Death has no Dominion.
And Human Beings will never live in fear…again