Somewhere Within Us All

There is a dream somewhere within us all. It is the Human Dream. A Dream where we rage to triumph, always. A Dream where everything will at last finally make “sense.” To at all costs keep the light flickering in a world of darkness, everywhere. And to never stop hoping and believing we will all somehow discover the answer to why we were given the gift of life, and to find the way home, where all of our family will all at last belong. Where finally “somewhere, the hurting must stop.”

Against all odds through eons our life force has battled to keep that Dream alive, and to somehow survive. Yet today that raging drive is clutching the edge, hanging by a thread above the horror dark unknown of oblivion and extinction for all time, with hopeless despair all around us. In this lost and desperate world today it is simply a wonder that there is anything left within us that is still Human.

But there is. The Dream still lives.

I have discovered that the secret reason that our civilization, our modern world and our biosphere are now disintegrating all around us today is because our Human life force on this earth has lost our way in that ancient, magnificent quest to make the Human Dream come true. Like the salmon relentlessly storming upstream against all waterfalls, wild torrents and impossible odds finding themselves lost and desperately stymied in a suffocating back eddy out of the glorious flow unable to find their way home to accomplish what they were born to do…all of us are turning in upon ourselves and each other in hopeless despair and blind fear driven by the dark terror that we have lost the way home forevermore. 

And the raging fear of the unknown and the stark hopelessness of facing an empty meaningless life are sending us reeling into black oblivion no longer guided by the hope and the unifying dream that is the essence of the meaning of Universe and life itself. We have all lost our way and in oblivious, ignorant miscalculation have lost the thread and the vital flow and the path home to finally become what we all are destined to be.

But all is not lost. We come from hardy stock and a life force that has done the impossible, again and again. All we need to do is to focus on the problem together, as one united Human Life Force and find the way out of the darkness. Together we have to believe in the Human Dream and chart a course to survive, evolve and find the light forward to set Humankind on course again. 

Where do we begin? Where did we all lose our way?

We call it logical, rational, “critical thought.” It establishes the architecture of order, reason and cognitive, “symbolic” reality upon which all of us feel safe and secure in our minds. It forms the nursery of logic, law, fact, truth, structure and stability for us all. It is how we now make “sense” of this indifferent, impervious and intimidating, immense universe. And most vitally and crucially of all, it has allowed for the invariant order and regimented classification and definition of all universe into the logic and science  that ultimately managed to capture and contain the terrifying UNKNOWN at last and finally for us all. 

Somewhere in the obscure shadows of deep time and prehistoric darkness, our ancestors were challenged to keep the Human Dream alive in times of monstrous peril, and galactic, stark threats to survival itself. In those times of prehistoric agony and unfathomable Unknown, they triumphed and raged to overcome the ceaseless waterfall and unintelligible flowing Continuum of the natural universe…and to create a sanctuary and a New Human World for us all. Somehow they found the way through. Those prehistoric, courageous ancestors of ours miraculously interrupted that sublime, incomprehensible, impenetrable flow and evolved the metamorphic platform of logical, ordered thought. 

Every one of us today living on this earth use this ancient, prehistoric foundation of “critical” symbolic thought to make sense of and survive in the world…until now. Now, somehow, we need something more. And in this desperate, reeling world today, you and I have to piece together the puzzle of what that “something” is for our children to have a future on this earth.

It is true that this elemental foundation has provided us with a precious place to stand upon and create a sanctuary where Human lives could become collective and communal, and we learned to survive together. Just so an alternative “symbolic” reality we now call consciousness began. That abstract reality took shape and form in the awakening Human mind and it blossomed into the magic of language and common tactical success in hunting and survival. It radiated the foresight of planning, and insight bringing the vital development of expedient technology and ”tools.” It laid the precious groundwork for imagination, art, culture and the astounding capacity to “animate” and eventually dominate our Mother Earth. And in every step forward we began to… life upon life… forge a common and primitively united Human community and civilization on earth for the very first time.

All that is buried in ancient, forgotten darkness behind us. 

But the time has come to find another path to survive. In this disintegrating, decaying insanity of our modern world today we must find the way through together and evolve another New Way to be Human on this earth, one more time. That terrifying Unknown has stealthily invaded our sanctuary of “critical” thought, and this is the reason our life force on this earth is everywhere fleeing in wild, terrified despair today.

That monstrous black and savage Unknown that stalked and terrorized our ancient prehistoric ancestors has escaped the elegant cage of reason and rational, logical order we carefully and laboriously contained it in long and long ago. Beneath the surface everywhere, that prehistoric monster today roams this earth and we live now in an age of raging, stark fear, once again.

Our life force has gloriously flourished within this sanctuary of ordered, and rational “critical thought” that has been evolving for perhaps 100,000 years. And throughout those ages, we have confidently believed that we had conquered the Primal Fear and the savage Unknown forever.

But take a look around you now. Human Beings all over this earth are raging blindly in mortal self-destructive fear. 

The Beast has returned from the dead. 

It haunts us still!

The cracks are now showing in our sublime, safe sanctuary, everywhere.

It is time our species sees this stark and secret truth, and unites once again at last and finally rid the savage fear, and the terrorizing threat of the UNKNOWN to our species and our world and our Human mindscape forevermore. And we must begin as a United Life Force to confront this shattering truth face to face and evolve beyond that dark, phantom of horror of the Primal Fear, or none of us will survive.

It will be an impossible task to dismantle the refuge and astounding architecture of our logical, rational, symbolic and “critical” Human minds to find where that stealthy Beast found the way in to terrorize Humankind on earth once again. But we should be familiar with such an “impossible” challenge, you and I.

Each of us are invincible, walking legends that stand as survivors of a heroic, unbelievable journey spanning across the ages of time. We are part of an incredible, unconquerable life force, and a magnificent dream.

The Human Dream.

Somehow, we will make it so.