Secret Aliens Among Us

As a society we appear to be obsessed with aliens. Spacecraft probes flung out into the far reaches of deep space carry plaques and messages in 55 languages.  “Greetings from Earth.”  “Here we are…stop by anytime.” Arrays of parabolic dishes and sophisticated antennae listen day and night for any signals from deep space.  There are television programs, videos and movies about space travel; boldly discovering other worlds, and “contact” with new, bizarre and incredible life forms. Alien abductions, invasions and autopsies.  Secret government Blue Books and conspiracies.  It is a tidal wave of alien fixation.  And it involves something more than a simple curiosity, fascination and fear of that which is strange, foreign and shocking.

I think we are transfixed with the idea of alien encounters because we secretly hope “they” will be able to give us answers to the overwhelming problems that we seem to have no hope of resolving here on earth. World-wide pollution.  Social disintegration.  Sickness.  Disease.  Aging.  Global inhumanity.  Spiritual bankruptcy.  And, perhaps “they” know the secrets that will unravel the eternal enigma of “What we were created for”, and “What universe really means…and Why?” Such an immense encounter might be the salvation for our entire troubled and disintegrating world.  Who is to say?  It may be.

But are we really ready? If it were to happen tomorrow, would we be able to listen and absorb what they had to say? Would we be ready for whatever unimaginable new ideas and thoughts they may bring with them? Could we reach out and meet them halfway? I don’t think so.


There are already secret aliens here among us, right now. They share our biosphere.  And they have been here for a long, long time. Millions of years before our ancestors left the trees and the caves they were living here in their alien world.  And that world is a medium and an existence interwoven, surrounded and immersed in a waterfall of sound.  This waterfall of sound forms the elemental matrix of existence, communication, locomotion, survival and reality for them.  Instead of a world of air, light, reflection, refraction, color and brightness, their world comes alive with frequency, amplitude, wavelength, echoes and vibration.  In subtle distinctions and interpretations the fantastic range, speed and complexity of their amazing acoustic abilities illuminate a universe and a living existence we can only dream about.  We may think we are similar, but in truth they are from a world totally different than ours.  I refer of course to the Cetaceans.  The dolphins, the porpoises and the whales.

What do we really know about them?  What is really happening in that huge mind so anatomically similar, yet evolved for eons in an environment so radically different than ours?  Some believe that with their sophisticated echolocation abilities they possess the ability, by “sounding” internal organs, to directly sense emotions, mind states and moods of others. Some think that they can somehow communicate directly in images, or mind pictures. Whole pods may instantaneously experience “as one” information and responses from sound imaging or echolocation… a living example of the human concept of “It takes a village.” No one knows for sure. The simple truth is that after eons of existence together on this planet, we still have not established 2 way communication with Cetaceans. We still have no idea what they are thinking. Why? 

Because, we are more interested in using them, and in “training” them to serve our purposes.  To establish true communication with this alien species would require an altruistic interest, a deep concern for them…and an effort to comprehend universe and reality somehow through their eyes.   Meeting them half way.  But, just like in every other avenue of human existence, we really are only interested in ourselves.  So, for our purposes, it is enough to establish a rudimentary sign language with them.  Hand signals.  And basically, it works.  They understand and do what we want.  They perform tricks and entertain in aquariums for profit. They carry ordinance and weapons for us in strategic defense projects.  We try to understand their amazing acoustic communication only enough to develop a “natural sonar” to better equip our submarines and ships. It is a sad tale.

But, there is a functioning alien mind there.  And it is not from deep space.  It is not from some extraterrestrial space civilization.  It is right here under our noses. Constant worldwide increases in ocean traffic, and military and scientific experiments and research are creating intolerable underwater noise that is slowly destroying their world of natural, pure sound.  These are creatures that have existed on this planet for possibly 100 million years.  Are we really so primitive and selfish as to drive them to extinction just because they don’t fit into our human world of language, technology and economics?  Surely there is something vital we can learn from them…before it is too late.

To stop using these mystical creatures of the deep for our own short-sighted and selfish purposes, and to really be prepared for meaningful alien contact in any form will demand that we begin to see universe from a higher and more evolved perspective.  

Here on “Spaceship Earth” you and I have to find the way to stop the disintegration of our civilization and to see universe from the higher ground of a universal consciousness where all life is sacred. And there isn’t a lot of time left. It has been a long time coming. But we may be a long time gone into silence.

Perhaps the cetaceans will miss us?

No…Probably not.