This is the Age

This is the time. This is the age. And the signs are everywhere. The cycle is reaching climax phase once again. For a brief and splendid time freedom, hope and dreams blossom on Earth. But, as always, it does not last. It is an ancient pattern. And the next phase is always the same. Oppression and darkness stealthily approach, and Humankind is posed on the unspeakable threshold of another dark age, once more.

It is always the same. It is a terror we cannot even think of or speak to each other, but all of us feel its deadly approach. Simple human beings beseeching justice, humanity, reason and “speaking truth to power” do not work. Nothing works. It is simply about ignorance. Colossal ignorance. It is the way it has always been. And the only difference this time around is that this time we are entering a dark age that will never end…unless human beings can somehow shatter this ancient cycle, step into a new dimension, and begin human life on earth again…in a totally new and different way.

To do the impossible and break this suicidal and destructive cycle all of us have to begin to understand that there is something wrong deep in the center of us all. It is a human problem not only that all of us share, but that the only way we will survive and escape is to solve it together.

And we must begin to understand that the answer, when we finally uncover it, will change all of our world and civilization almost beyond recognition. Nothing will be the same.

Everywhere today human beings search for an answer that will save us. Tens of thousands of physicists with massive technology seek the elementary building block or “God” particle that our universe must be built upon. Global efforts to create a “New World Order” and Global Governance framed upon the same ancient human cycle of ignorance. Genetic engineering, synthetic life and manipulating the secret of living itself. The origin of Consciousness. Cures for disease, cell degeneration and aging. The battle to discover the one idea that will save us rages everywhere in our world, today. Yet in every case, the same cycle of ignorance remains.

The secret, simple truth is that there is only one discovery that will, at last, save us and rescue humankind from extinction and oblivion. We just have yet to recognize it. That one simple discovery will be to find a way for human beings to truly care for each other to the same degree and intensity that we now care for our own personal, isolated selves. Find that answer, create that new dimension in human thought, build a solid, indestructible platform of logic, reason and order that makes absolute “sense” to CARE for other human beings and all life…and nothing will be the same again. Find the answer that will make logical, rational common sense to care for other life in this universe just as “self-preservation” now makes absolute, indelible and unquestioned sense to us now, and the destructive cycle and ignorance will be broken. And you and I will step into a new world ethos and a new human awareness. The foundation for a new human civilization will have been laid. Human life on Earth will begin again, in a different way. And nothing will ever be the same again. It is a wild and stray idea, but it just happens to be true. We all just have to piece together an impossible puzzle and make a quantum leap in the collective human mind. And we must find that answer and escape primeval ignorance together.

This is the time when humankind finally breaks the cycle. It is about new ideas. It is about keeping hope, faith and light alive in spite of terrible and ancient darkness.

It is about human beings creating a miracle in the collective human mind together and doing the impossible that has never been done before.

This is the age they will remember. This is the age they will talk about forevermore. Where it finally began. Where humankind finally found the light, together. Where human beings finally understood logically and absolutely why they must care.

This will be the age.