The Way Home For Humankind

In my younger years while I was raising my children, I can remember watching Sesame Street with them while they were growing up.  There was a song from that program that was called “How do you get from here to there”…

That is really what my life and all this… and what this time of destiny for the Human life force is really all about.

How do we get from Here… to There.

All of us are on the threshold of an astounding, outrageous and almost incomprehensible transition. And it is a challenge and a dream that will demand everything…every single bit of dreaming hope, vision and courage our species can find to answer that destiny and challenge.

I have spent my life out back of beyond in the high country tracking that dream. It seems to be what I am supposed to be…what my parents and the dream they placed in me and the gift of life I have been given demand that I do. I have been out there “Where the Wild things Are” for a long time now…

And I have returned because I have something of value and interest to report.

And this is why I write. This is what I have to say.

Thanks for taking the time to listen.

Until that time,
Jim Anderson
Saltspring Island