The Endless Chain

Here on Saltspring Island Spring is returning once again. The world is alive with birdsong, fragrance and sunshine once more. I know scientists speak of the physics of global tilt and solar declination, but Spring is simply about hope. And there is no mathematical equation or function that deals with hope. Springtime is a resurrection of hope for a better world. A world where all of us can somehow believe again that we can make it work.

You and I are part of an endless chain. A sacred community stretching back through the story of our planet to the beginning. It is an unbroken chain called Life. And its secret, sequestered continuity somehow unites us with the meaning and destiny of all universe.

On at least 5 occasions events have come close to bringing that endless chain to an end. And yet each time somehow life has survived.

This human form you and I now share is the latest evolved configuration which that chain has taken. Inside us all the dream still survives. But today it seems that we are not doing such a good job preserving that precious dream. For decades now the warnings have become more frantic. More than 50 years ago Rachael Carson warned of impending contamination of our total environment. Aurelio Peccei eloquently proclaimed that “We are not confronting the long-term global problems on which humanity’s very fate depends.” And in 1992 the World Scientists Warning to Humanity direly predicted that we are now on a “collision course” with extinction.

Today those voices raised in alarm have reached a crescendo. Now we all know the bleak problems we face. Ozone depletion. Global warming. Extinction of species. Environmental toxicity. Depletion of vital resources: fish stocks, energy, fresh water, food. World poverty, starvation. 

Biological/nuclear/chemical weapons and waste. Out of control technology, world pandemics. Social instability. Despair, hopelessness, alienation. Vast inequities of wealth. Economic chaos. Terror.

There are those scientists and futurologists who believe that we have now passed the “tipping point” of no return, beyond which nothing we can do will save humankind from extinction.

They may be right.

Our earth is littered with ancient, lost civilizations that have long ago vanished from the face of the earth.

Mohenjo-Daro. Angkor Wat. Sumer. Akkhad. Stonehenge. Machu Picchu. Once confident, powerful people, cultures and civilizations squandered and forgotten forever. And so it may well be with us. And this time it would be total. Not just a people, a society, or a race lost. Humankind vanishing forever from Earth. Gone. Extinct.

And if it were to happen; the last human lives on Earth gasping and dying in a toxic, lethal, brutalized and contaminated world …With our last breaths would we finally understand, or will we go reeling into the darkness in the ultimate ignominy? Dying never knowing why we were born.

Still the mystery eludes us.


Through simply a convergence of circumstance you and I are living through the time of destiny for all humankind. And there is really nothing special about us. All we are is human. That is all our life force has ever been. 

Lurking in us all is the potential to do something incredible and impossible. All we have to do is find a way to let that magnificence rise to the surface in our world today. We have to answer the challenge that no one has been able to answer throughout all history. There is a secret, primeval problem hidden. You and I, in this age have to bring that unknown monster out of the darkness and into the light of day. We must face the shattering truth that we are fundamentally ignorant of what universe and life itself truly mean. We have to take the broken lost pieces of our civilization and become the human dream that will galvanize our life force into a crescendo for magnificent change together. Nothing less will do. There is no other way for us to survive. We human beings on this earth today are guardians of the destiny of an entire life force. You and I must make this impossible journey for every human being that has ever walked this earth…

So that the human chain will not end.