A New Way to Be Human On Earth

The only way for Humankind to survive is to evolve a higher Consciousness, and find a new way to be Human on this Earth

This book and these words represent the culmination of a lifetime spent dreaming of unprecedented, revolutionary ideas that lead towards a New Human World for us all. It is dedicated to the courageous, embattled and long time suffering Human life force on this Earth. In desperate, impoverished and enslaved lives in day to day unyielding courage, languishing beneath hopelessly unbearable burdens, with bloodied and unbowed heads1, they rage to awaken the potential for a truly Human, compassionate and evolved world and set it free. They are the unsung, impossible dreamers in this world who somehow carry on, and stand and stay in living Hell. They are the true hope and incredible legends of our time. Give them a vision and a dream to hold on to and stand upon and they will simply move this world. These words are for them

What if there is a secret reason why our world is falling apart around us today, why our human civilization is disintegrating into terror, rage, violence and hatred and why our planet is becoming a toxic, contaminated wasteland?

What if that secret fatal flaw is the real source of all the fear and ignorance and hopelessness today? In this wretched insanity you and I are now living through, it is the secret reason why we cannot stop hurting and killing each other and find the way to peace, harmony and sustainable Unity here on Earth. What if that hidden fatal flaw now lurks deep within the actual architecture of ordered, rational thought itself in every human being on Earth, and it began so long ago in our distant, ancient and prehistoric past that no one today has even suspected it is there? How important, vital and absolutely critical would it be for you and I to awaken and discover that fatal and prehistoric flaw now…in this lost and desperate modern Human world that is now hurtling towards oblivion?