In these desperate and disintegrating times we must find the way to come together and become one life force and one human dream. We must find a sanctuary, sacred and common ground where we can connect. We must find the human dream inside us all and become one indomitable and united life force to do the impossible and put the broken pieces of this shattered world together. You and I, with our own hands and our own minds, have to build a new future for the human race. To bring about a radical change to this tormented world of ours and to somehow find a way through and survive, we all must begin to think differently in new and radical ways. This human world of ours, in spite of all the negative, terrible events that are occurring, is in the process of metamorphosis. We must embark on the journey of bringing our thoughts, our dreams and our lives closer to that secret destiny and the imminent metamorphosis of all civilization. We are all the same. We share something magnificent. We must begin to focus upon this. Thousands of years from now the only things we do today that will matter are those which bring us together and not those which divide us. We must find the wisdom and the insight to truly care for one another. We either live together, or die apart. We have to somehow transcend ancient walls and boundaries of fear and reach out for one another, everywhere. We have to struggle together hand in hand and find a way to light these dark and ignorant times and somehow carry humankind into the new dawn of a magnificent and golden renaissance. It will take the collective, dreaming energies of all humankind to define that vision. It is time that you and I do together something grand. Something one time…forever.

If we are going to survive as a species, and if our children’s children are going to have a future on earth we must all begin to recognize the sobering fact that we have reached the limits of an ancient, primitive mindset. We all sense within ourselves that our human world is on the wrong course, and that things are not as they should be. That something is terribly wrong. We all feel and know this deeply. We are beginning to recognize that as a civilization, as a species and as a life force we are in a dead end, and that mammoth and staggering change is desperately needed or we will not survive the impending catastrophic crisis that now imperils all humankind. It is just now dawning into collective human consciousness that to somehow escape this peril we can no longer attempt the same futile, inane corrections and minor adjustments. Better organization with the same tired and flawed ideas, or a new world order with the same bankrupt vision will not rescue us. Business as usual will not work anymore. It is time to entertain radical and revolutionary thoughts beyond anything human beings have ever contemplated before. Ideas that shake our world to the ground and awaken a metamorphic change to human life on earth. It is the time for dreamers, visionaries and world-shaking ideas. We must begin to open our minds to absorb such new and radical ideas, and to see universe differently, from a higher and more evolved human consciousness. I believe all around us today the seeds of this new and higher human awareness are taking root and beginning to grow beneath the surface in our modern world. We must gather those profound dreams and that transcendent vision and chart a new course into the future together. These Soliloquies are the result of a lifetime spent trying to awaken our world to a new human dream, and to light the way to higher ground for us all. 

“If we are to change this world, we need an incredible, profound new vision leading to a New Way to be Human on this Earth that is foundered upon radical, revolutionary and unprecedented ideas. Those ideas must change forevermore the human mindset, create a metamorphosis of the Human mind and at last and finally bring every Human life on this planet together, to become One glorious and Unified Life Force on Earth. If we falter and succumb to the brutal forces of terror and ignorance and become lost in rage, violence, hatred and vengeance instead of humanism, love and the faith and hope in that New Human Dream, we will perish and careen into extinction and oblivion. Simple, common and unyielding human beings in these dark and desperate times reaching out for each other will create the Unity and the invincible force that will carry the Human Dream and a new Human species into the light. Like a signal fire in the night, we must hand in hand gather around the metamorphic light of a new, higher consciousness that will lead us all into a New Human World.”

James L. Anderson