Outrageous Ideas to Restart Our World

All of us have to restart our lives, and our world today. We have to discard all this terror and hate, rising above the fear that threatens to overpower our lives and somehow find the way back to where we can come together to build a civilization around humanity, community, love and hope, dreaming our way through to a better world as a united life force hand in hand…somehow…again. Against all odds.

We are living in an age of a catastrophic threat to our collective Human consciousness where living our lives “Being Human” may cease to exist on earth. And only a Giant Leap and a colossal, evolutionary transformation in the way we think and how we make “sense” of everything can allow us to change almost beyond imagination to survive. This metamorphosis of our Human mindscape will have to involve outrageous new and staggeringly profound ideas that have never reached critical mass in our world before.

One such outrageous idea that I have stumbled upon is an extraordinary, obscure idea that is now totally beyond our elemental systemic foundation of Human, Symbolic, Rational, logical, cognitive and “critical” thought, and the platform of Mass, Space, Time and Energy which now defines the truth and meaning of everything for us all.

This new alternative, outlandish concept is a conceptualization beyond what we now perceive and consider to be Reality and Universe that contests that there is actually an all-pervasive, sublime, Cosmic Consciousness that is presently altogether beyond the domain of “Being Human”. It asserts that it is this now imperceptibly hidden source (the Cosmic Consciousness) which expresses/vitiates/originates all matter and physical reality we all are living through in our peripheral, sublime and childlike ignorance.

Such an outrageous idea simply does not fit anywhere in our present symbolic, logical mindscape, and could only be accommodated in a different way to think in another web of conscious awareness that is foreign and presently beyond imagination for us today.

And finally there is another outrageous concept that it appears I alone am responsible for, and have spent a lifetime trying to put into words.

For perhaps ten to a hundred thousand years our Human life force, and our species after discovering a primitive ”awareness” that allowed us to survive, leaving all other primates behind us… were then finally liberated to develop the primitive, metamorphic insight into the Symbolic, Rational, Logical, Cognitive and ”Critical” thought that ages and ages later has given us the secure platform to stand upon,allowing us to Create the astoundingly complex intercommunicative modern technological, scientific, space-age, computerized wonder civilization we live today.

But, in perhaps the last couple hundred years ago or so, strategic cracks have appeared in our “old school” previously safe and stable modeled platform of symbolic, logical consciousness, and our modern world has had to be reworked, patched and reprogrammed with coefficients and “fudge factors” to continue to give us protection and once again be the safe sanctuary against the raw chaos and terror of the monstrous unknown, as it has been for thousands and thousands of years, until now. And with our present seemingly disintegrating world of rage, war, hatred and mindless, ruthless and savage inhumanity haunting us today it is now becoming reasonable to suspect that something preciously critical must be missing.

In studying carefully the process and essence of what we call Symbolic, Rational, Logical, Cognitive and “Critical” thought to perhaps discover what might be missing, I have discovered something outrageous.

That we are not yet fully evolved.

We break everything into totally isolated and discrete, disconnected Parts to find TRUTH in all Universe and Reality. Logically we define the Whole as being equal to the sum of its Parts.

And our Symbolic, Logical consciousness that is rooted on perfectly delineating and differentiating the parts beneath everything to establish Truth culminates in the modern rage to isolate the primary elementary particle (or,“God” particle) that must lie beneath, centering all Creation for everything to make sense. (Leagues of physicists and huge Colliders now validate and maintain the part proven to exist to center all Creation.)

And so, continuing on further, the more perfectly and totally we can absolutely center, define, and rigorously, invariantly quantify and delineate identities, events and phenomena in universe into isolated, separate, particulate (parts) that cannot be further broken down in mathematically proven nano-quantum solitary definition, the more truth there is. We isolate singular centers, nuclei, attractors and foci that direct and control phenomena. Nothing can go in 2 different directions at once. Nothing can exist in 2 different places and dimensions at once…and everything must have a unique symbolic, discrete name. The totally isolated part must be configured at the base and center of everything otherwise nothing can be true and make everything to be real and make SENSE.

Does all this not remind you of something?

Does it not perfectly and precisely depict the separate, private and totally disconnected “Solitary one” lives every one of us live on this Earth today. Is our Symbolic, Rational, Logical, Cognitive and “Critical” matrix of Human Consciousness that is built, totally dependent and defined upon the perfectly, disconnected, eternally Discrete PART… not a reflected representation of the Self, “I”, ME particulate, eternally, totally Discrete existence we know as our lives themselves that center all that matters to us and there is no meaning or existence except in the “Solitary One” self that we live?

In other words, does our magnificent web of Symbolic, Rational, Logical, Cognitive and “Critical” Consciousness simply MIRROR our own private Human isolated, disconnected lives? When we look out and see Symbols, Laws, Facts, Formulas, Numbers, Words and Names out in our world art large and throughout all Universe…


Instead of speaking in the “language that the world was written in” (mathematics) or approaching the “Mind of God”, are we simply witnessing only our private lives themselves, symbolized and mirrored everywhere in a web that is perfectly entrained only to our own systemic, visceral “solitary one” existences?

This is truly an OUTRAGEOUS idea that changes our world. And if it is true (it would appear it is) then nothing can now remain the same and we are opening the door to what must become A New Way to be Human on this Earth.

There are therefore now questions that must be asked.

What now do we truly Know that is not an illusion?

Can we any longer believe that Human Conscious thought elevates us to the supreme pulpit of exceptional, almost divine omnipotence in universe?

Can we really expect to obtain any truth and answers for future Human survival on earth from science and technology now, understanding that both are chained to a logical, rational order that is now fatally flawed?

Can we set sail and together believe in ourselves and each other enough to create a new higher consciousness where we can come together in peace and hand in hand to CREATE A New Human World where we truly care for one another…. for the first time on Earth?

Perhaps the time has come to look to each other, to find the way through to survive from here. We now have a New Human species to become, and a New impossible Human Future to Create…and the Human Dream to finally make come true. We are challenged to do the impossible to survive, once again. Somewhere within us all we must find the way home to a better world for us all. Hand in Hand.

Guess it doesn’t get any better than that.