One State of Mind

Against all odds Human beings all over this earth today are being stretched to the limits of what we can stand and support and still be strong and fearless for all that we love and hold dear. And each of us long for safety, shelter and security in a world that daily rages away from us into seemingly hopeless and insane inhumanity. There has to be a way through to a better world, somehow.

We must begin with the desolate truth that we can only survive if we somehow can come together and overcome all conflict, hate, distrust and fear to forge a united Human Life force on Earth. It is a stark awakening reality that we must stand as one and find the faith to dare to believe that we either live together, or die apart. There is no other way through. Together is the only way.

And the incredible first step towards that transformation is that we must all face the truth that all we now think, conceive and know are all simply the direct, resultant consequence of a state of mind.

Just ONE state of mind.

The next step is to finally recognize in our disintegrating, chaotic world today that this besieged state of mind is incomplete, primitive and fatally limited. Because of this fatal flaw buried deep within it, the entire, elemental architecture now supporting all of our reason and logical thought is also terminally flawed. And as astonishing as it seems, it is this deadly flaw beneath all of our ordered and conscious thought with which we now define truth and reality, and make sense of all Universe that is the cause of the disintegration now threatening the destruction of our lives, and our civilization today.

So to escape and find the way through for our life force to survive into the future… You and I must deeply examine and disassemble the bedrock foundation beneath the fabric of our Human mental mindscape to somehow discover the secret fatal flaw hidden there for our children’s children to be able to walk this earth and survive into the future. Where do we begin?

Logical, Rational, symbolic “critical” and cognitive thought. Where did it all begin? Where did it come from?

Was it Divine Providence?

Physical or morphological adaptation? Genetic mutation?

An accidental, unintended consequence? No, it was nothing like that.

Nothing at all.


It had to have evolved in an era where our ancient, Human ancestors were forced and driven inward to survive. It had to have broken surface into those ancient embryonic mindscapes in an age of endless torment, trial and stark ecological, geological, cosmic, astronomical or unknown catastrophe where Human life on earth was driven to its knees, hanging by a thread above the dark horror of extinction and oblivion seemingly forever; perhaps for thousands of years. But there was something more.

Something else beyond mere tortured physical survival had to occur for “critical” thought to begin to happen and be created by our ancient, prehistoric ancestors. Somewhere in that cauldron of terror and morgue of death all around them, and in those ages of catastrophic, monstrous Hell on Earth there was an extraordinary, epochal and astounding transformation that took place. And that devastating, raw and volcanic epiphany was that they internally grasped the stark, wretched concept that “they themselves would die”.

That incendiary epiphany detonated in their primitive minds and sent them storming and raging through dark and bestial ages. Pursued, hunted and haunted by an unconquerable, invisible and monstrous beast that now lurked within them in the murky, nowhere and unstable evolution inside, they lived lives where there was no place to hide. They spent ages fleeing through darkness in the shadows of deep time huddling in the flickering firelight of the caves and hide-outs desperate to find a sanctuary where they would be safe from the merciless terror of death haunting them from within. We now casually refer to this age of monstrous, bewildering horror and terrifying fear as the defined stage and birth of self-awareness.

But it was an incomparable, spectacular revolutionary moment beyond belief that spanned ages and ages where it all began. It may have precipitated into awareness from “near death”, induced or spontaneous “out of body”, dreamstate, or mystical, spiritual experiences. Somehow a glimpse, a whisper of a refuge where they could escape the stark, dark unknown of death and that monstrous terror that hunted and haunted them mercilessly ages ago took shape and form inside them. And they found the way to evolve and survive.

They “Saw” themselves. More unbelievably, they somehow captured and enshrined the secret, mysterious wonder of life inside them into a primordial symbolic representation that through thousands and thousands of years was used to fabricate what we now call Logical, Rational, Symbolic, “critical” and cognitive thought. And with this amazing “tool” our species was able to bracket, bound, and entrain the terrifying fear of Death and circumscribe it with differentiated, factual truths, laws and rigorously defined mathematical expressions and symbolic representation that extrapolated and transformed all Universe to be centered and expressed in the known reality of Life …not the dark, terror unknown of death.

And so, the vast, complex and interwoven matrix of Logical, Symbolic, Rational, Scientific and defined Logical Reason was created in the Primitive Human Mind to conquer and overcome the terror Unknown of DEATH. Only this, and nothing more. This is a defiant and disobedient idea that refuses to be easily tamed into elemental understanding. It is simply another wild, outrageous concept that can only make sense in a higher consciousness not yet formed in our awakening minds.

But if we are to survive and evolve a New Way to be Human you and I have to dare to entertain the now indigestible fact that Rational, symbolic thought is not something Divine or supremely ordained that sacredly elevates and ennobles us all to the threshold of Universal, reverent Enlightened Intelligence and towards almost Godlike superiority.

It is not Heavenly, perfect or eternal. It is weathered, imperfect and Human.

And most critically and disastrously of all, it can no longer be used to delude any of us that we can escape the primitive, subjective, and hopelessly disconnected “Solitary One” lives we lead, deluding ourselves that we really “share” our lives in common, “collective”, supreme intelligence or that we all belong together, embraced in the ultimate, “exceptional” grand synthesis, design and destiny of all universe. It still leaves us unfulfilled, disconnected and alone. We are all still locked in the primitive, disconnected prison of “Solitary One”. And we must somehow gather together to discover a new outrageous path to escape if we all are to survive, and where our children will somehow be able to find the way home, where the Human dream comes true. Such a world lies in evolving a New Human species that has created the astounding ability to “Share” life itself. Imagine that.