No Place Left to Hide

“I live in a world of fantasy and illusion.  I believe I am in control of my life, and that I can think for myself.  But, nothing could be further from the truth.  Every essence of my life, and every corner of my personal, private world is manipulated, programmed, marketed and controlled by a carefully orchestrated and finely tuned system of advertising, media, propaganda and subliminal influence.  Through a finely screened avalanche of programmed information I am told what to eat, drink, buy, wear and most importantly think.  It is estimated that in North America each of us are inundated by on average 3000 advertisements every day, alone.  Each of us are bent, shaped, spun and manipulated, made to need, want and desire and to consume.  And all of our lives, hopes, dreams and hungers are plotted, calculated and targeted…

What if the catastrophic crisis now haunting us all in truth means that we can no longer afford or support power, profit and privilege itself on Earth.  That the time has come for us all to step out of an ancient mindset and find something new under the Sun.  Time for us all to stop all selfish and primitive deception and hazard our fear, fatal ignorance and all that we are; each of us risking and giving all that we have to give so that together we can do the impossible, hand in hand.”

p. 49-51 “No Place Left to Hide” Saltspring Soliloquies ©2016  by James L. Anderson