A New Way to be Human on Earth

Eons ago, when like today our species was on the brink of dark oblivion, we somehow managed to evolve what we now call “critical”, logical and rational thought that has ultimately given us the logic, symbolic order, intellectual wisdom and the incredibly complex, modern scientific, reasoned and technological world we live now. Today we believe that this “critical” thought and our rational, logical order is what has elevated us to become masters of universe and essentially supreme lords of our biosphere…some even truly believe they are “Gods” on earth and righteously ordained to control and exploit our Human life force itself.

But there was a secret, primal and hidden flaw unsuspected and concealed in that prehistoric “Great Leap” forward in Human consciousness that gave us “critical”, logical and rational thought. 

We are not supreme and the ultimate and highest and most wise beings in all creation. We are yet still primitive and not fully evolved. Beneath all we have built and created there is a prehistoric and lethal ignorance lurking. Our world is careening into horror, terror and abominable, brutal and savage inhumanity because of that prehistoric ignorance. We are now just beginning to learn this stark, shattering truth.

We cannot and will not survive with this fatal, secret flaw and mortal ignorance beneath the way we now rationally think, and make sense of universe. 

We all are on the threshold of creating a higher consciousness and a New Way to be Human on Earth. 

That secret, lethal ignorance is now destroying our world.  We either gather together and evolve a New Human world beyond it, or we will destroy ourselves in deadly ignorance and horror and the Human dream will die on earth forevermore.