Making It Through

Thousands and untold thousands of decades from now… long and long after everything we love and hold precious will have passed away, and you and I have turned into worm food; and the stray, wild molecules that compose us have been mustered and divined outward to become stardust, our humanoid brethren and magnificent kindred will still stand and stay in this universe. You can bet your life on that.

Most of us will not make it, and tragically will not make it through the living horror of the coming catastrophic age. And those stray few magnificent ones who survive will do so by gathering together, transforming into the future and discovering a new way to be Human on earth. They will live on for us all.

They will be different and strange from us in every conceivable dimension we can possibly imagine. Except one. They will still carry the Human Dream.

Their mindscape will be totally transformed, and they will be profoundly unique and incomprehensibly metamorphosed from you and I, and we “modern” Humans now stumbling blindly and catastrophically ignorant through this madness we call civilization today. 

They will have evolved. They will exist and blossom in a splendor and astounding evolution almost beyond comprehension. Universe will no longer be a dark mystery to them and they will resonate centred deep within their very souls the unity and the sacred truth why they were given the gift of life. At last and forevermore they will step into a New Human World and their lives and their evolved Human spirit will finally be in perfect harmony with the secret destiny of universe. 

The questing Human species will have solved the answer to the enigma that has haunted our courageous Human journey since the beginning.


They will have identified and finally conquered the savage, primitive ignorance now lurking monstrously within us all today and left it behind our transformed species forevermore. 

Once again in a metamorphic evolution of the invincibly searching, embryonic Human cosmos, and another “Great Leap Forward” in the awakening Human consciousness they will have escaped the enslavement of that wretched prehistoric, ignorant bondage and the hopeless, lost blindness that is tearing our civilization apart today.

They will live in a Golden Age and a new Human Renaissance simply now beyond imagination in our primitive thought patterns today. They will have finally found the way home for us all.

They will look back fondly at you and I, and our disastrous world today and the long-ago, ancient prehistoric ancestors we will have become in their astoundingly evolved, metamorphic New Human World. And they will truly “know” deep within their transformed and evolved future essences that they live, breathe and glory in that magnificent world…solely because we besieged, desperate beings of today incredibly suffered through the horror and the catastrophic crisis and stark chaos of the seemingly endless lost and dark ages we are just entering into now. 

They will revere, solemnly honour and treasure the historic saga etched into stone and unforgettable ancient legend where we became a united, Human life force and made the astounding and heroic decision somehow that setting the Human life force free, believing in a better world for our children’s children and discovering and evolving beyond colossal ignorance and saving the Human Dream were simply worth dying for. 

You and I today have to somehow find the faith and the living, eternal quest within us all to make it so. Somehow hand in hand together we must reach for and truly believe in that unimaginable New Human world yet to come. We have to do the impossible, escape and be born once again.

We still carry the Human Dream and we will evolve into a better Human world.

You can bet your life on that.