Make It So

There is a New Human World calling us today. And through the multitudes of dark ages ages behind us long ago in the past, the storied Human Dream that all of us are is once again imperceptibly forcing us to now find another new way to live on earth “Being Human”, again. What lies ahead of us all threatens to destroy us and all that we love, forever. You and I can no longer continue on the way things are now. We must either evolve or die. It is an unavoidable truth in this disintegrating modern world today that our own separate, “Solitary One”, primitive lives of I..ME and “self” and our modern sanctuary of logic, symbols, fact, law, Science and technology are simply not enough to make our Human Dream come true.

We desperately need something more, or we cannot survive.

The truth is that just like the secret, rustling, murmuring wonder of Creation that carried us all into this vibrant mystery of Human “Life” (where the 2 somehow magnificently and miraculously became 1) there is a journey and a path yet undiscovered that somehow must be dreamed to the surface of our awakening minds for any of us to have a future on this earth. That secret wonder that has created life and universe itself speaks to us all beneath the cacophonic chaos threatening to overwhelm us… whispering from the yet dreamland of Creation, hope, faith, love and belief that beyond this madness, ignorance and mortal fear today there lies a promise of the way home for us all.

Something hidden. Go and find it.

Each of us live our own separate lives alone. This is the root of everything today. This is the secret source of all the stark fear that is destroying our civilization in our modern disintegrating world…now.
And the back story beneath this dark fear is that long and long ago in the silence of deep time our magnificent prehistoric ancestors somehow impossibly survived “becoming aware” in one of the ages of endless torment, horror and stark catastrophe where they were all brought to their knees, hanging by a thread on the edge of the blackness of oblivion and extinction for perhaps centuries. In that cauldron of terror and an endless morgue of death all around them an extraordinary, epochal and astounding epiphany within their primitive minds took place. They internally grasped the stark, wretched concept that “they themselves would die”.

This happened. That dark and incendiary epiphany detonated in their fragile, primitive minds and sent them storming and raging through bleak and bestial ages. It was simply an unimaginable and impossible period in all of our past. But somehow they survived the birth of Mortal Fear in an age buried forever in our forgotten past. None of us now appreciate how magnificent and courageous our incredible prehistoric ancestors were back then, and how you and I owe them everything now. It was an impossible time that is now marked deep, deep within us with only a forgotten, genetic memory that the Human Dream somehow survived absolute horror. But it happened.

And since that monstrous epiphany, you and I deep within our beings, hidden beneath everything we now live through today…we all simply know that we will die. This is the truth why all of us yet un- evolved and still primitive creatures seem to be running for our lives today. That beast of horror and monstrous primal FEAR is showing its hideous memory and STILL HAUNTS HUMANKIND today. It would appear our Human Life Force once again is at such a monstrous Rubicon today. That horror lies dead ahead of us all now…once again.

We as a species have formulated the outrageous web of logic, order and the platform of symbolic differentiation where all universe simply mirrors and reflects the yet primitive and isolated,“solitary one” identity each of us separately still Live. Alone. That astounding giant leap forward of linear, logical, rational and symbolic thought allowed us to escape for perhaps the past 10 to a 100 thousand years. But it is not enough to grant us passage through to the future, now. The stark truth floating in the air all around us in this terrified and raging world today is that we have not truly escaped that Primal Fear. Somehow it still lives, and we need to again courageously and impossibly discover another Outrageous Giant Leap Forward….something more than we could perhaps yet even imagine… for all that we love to survive. That prehistoric Primal Fear has escaped. It still haunts us in our minds. And it is once again threatening to destroy the Human Dream we all are.

It is why we are being tortured to spend the gift of our lives being bled, conquered and enslaved. It is why we live in an age of Global Fools that are certain that we can be controlled…and “owned”. It is why “They” splendour in the grand illusion that they are not also monstrously ignorant and can somehow escape into the fatally twisted savage delusion of grandeur of becoming alien Gods of “SELF” that can easily craft a planet of Empire and abominably mind control the gifted wonder Human Spirit and our awakening Human Minds within us with the alien power of supreme inhuman technology that has bewitched us all.

And it is why together we can not find the way home.

There is unimaginable and Outrageous work to be done, and an impossible evolution to create…awakening from the safe, comfortable sleep we have enjoyed for ages and ages. All of us are still catastrophically ignorant and can not see and divine the way through the FEAR in this mindless, lost world today. All of us are locked in a prison that is closing in on our embattled “solitary one” lives and we can no longer escape and yet fail because we are simply captured in a not yet fully evolved infantile mindscape–though Lord knows we desperately try to reach, know and LIVE beyond our lives, to at last finally be set free. But if all that we love today and all our children’s children are to walk this Earth in the future we must gather together around the fire for a New Human world on Earth.

There is another magnificent path into the future being secretly whispered to us in this raucous world today, if only we could really dare to listen. Our incredible, astounding and courageous long lost ancestors outrageously did the impossible in those dark shadows of deep time. Somehow you and I must do the same today. We must all set sail into the dark unknown and discover a staggering new path and a new journey awaiting us all.

We are part of a Human Dream that will not die.

That astounding and impossible path must be illuminated and lit ahead for all of us to voyage into the future beyond FEAR. We must find the sublime and sacred faith that our magnificent ancient ancestors discovered to set us free long ago and believe that together we can do the impossible… somehow… one more time. For all the wonder mass of Humanity waiting to be born and be Created on this world to come, you and I will somehow find the way through.
Believe in it, and make it so.

© by James L Anderson
October 2021