Letter to Meg Hutchinson, Troubadour Extraordinaire

It is not a disease, or a sickness. It is about walking on the earth yet Unwhole with all the beauty everywhere, everywhere. troubling with what it’s all about…compared to like what Einstein talked about, seeing things from 10,000 miles away in space…

Like that.

All of us spend our lives incomplete with part of us missing-being less than we could be…less than what we were born to become. And there are myriad of ways we all struggle on with this deep, stark aching emptiness. And sadly, sadly in some of us that mortal agony reaches a rock hard raging Rubicon where it is not possible to take another step, or live another moment with that empty void within us…the pain at last can no longer be borne. And so into the Hell of darkness, and we set sail to cross the wild unknown, somehow.

Like in Sesame Street..”How do you get from here to there?” And when we fall into that hopeless, dark, endless void in this ignorant, empty charade we call human civilization everywhere you turn it is “You can’t get there from here…Deal with it…take a pill.” 

There is nothing there. No help. NO help at all.

All we have is love. And yes, it is the beginning of the cure. Thank god for Love. But it is only a whisper. “We are creatures of the twilight” and it will take a transformation…and a metamorphosis of the Human Mind to begin to open the door to the Union that is Universe…From the darkness to the light. Something hidden there. Something grand. Go and find it. There is no other way. That is not sickness…it is not disease…

No. Our world today is the disease. You are the reality. It is the darkness our life force has to search through to become what we were all born to be. To either evolve or die. Hand in hand. Beyond love. Finding the way to “share” life itself, and open the door to the singing Union of all creation.

Keep singing. Keep searching. You are on the right track. I resonate and grow from your lyrical poetry and the sublime celestial music that flows through you…calling us all to do what we were born to do. Light the darkness. And so it goes.