If Only We Could Care

If only we could care.  If only we could. Deep inside we know that we should not be killing and torturing each other.  We shouldn’t turn our backs on desperate, weak and helpless human beings. Those suffering murderous poverty, disease and starvation in this brutal world, mired in hopeless economic slavery, living empty, meaningless, dysfunctional and wasted lives.  We should find a way to make every life on this planet worth living.  But we can’t.                                                                                                              We know that for every bit of surplus wealth and obscene affluence we enjoy that someone on earth has had to pay for it.  And they have had to pay dearly. We know that it is entirely possible that there is enough to go around for everyone, if we could really share.  But we don’t.   We shouldn’t have to legislate and enforce human rights, decency, compassion and equality in this world.  We know that there are huge, monstrous global problems facing us all, and that we should somehow be able to come together and find the unity and common will to solve them for the sake of our children’s children and the destiny of all humankind.  We should stop killing and torturing and destroying things.  But we can’t. We know that the real problem in our world is that we simply do not care for each other enough.  We should care… But we don’t.  Why?  Our lives are consumed. From everywhere around us in moment to moment savage onslaught in the jungle we live everyone cares only for themselves.  And if we turn our backs for an instant, it closes in upon us, menacing and ominous.  We cannot show weakness, always walling off ourselves with all the strength we have. This we all know.

If only we could escape the fear and the terror to reach out and help each other.  Try to save those desperate and dying all around us.  The world would no longer be such a ruthless, brutal and lonely place. We would find compassion, sanctuary and trust in every human being we encounter instead of the empty quicksand of heartless, indifferent exploitation, hostility and conflict from the enemies we see all around us.  If only we could count on that compassion, believe in it, depend upon it like the sunrise safe and sure always…if only we could.

It is the way it has always been.  As always in the past the only way to survive has been to lay up things, possessions and refuge for ourselves and guard and lock it away safe from the onslaught and savagery all around.  That self-centered obsession and hoarding has worked in the past.  The problem is, of course, that it doesn’t really work anymore.  It is becoming stark and crystal clear that soon, no place will be safe.  There will be no shelter and protection for anyone to find.  There will be no place to hide from a disintegrating planet and civilization.  No safety and sanctuary anywhere.

And so what in this world do we do?

We find a way to come together as one united life force on this earth…Truly care for each other, and find a way to evolve into a new species and create a New Way to be Human…


It is the only way on this earth for us to survive. Evolve. We can do it, if we try.