If Only We Could

“Beneath the lines in everything I have written is the secret message that the way we reason and order our world and reality is wrong…it is desperately and fatally flawed.  That we build a world of pieces and parts, never able to imagine and witness the whole…that we are all trapped in a selfish and savage world because absolutely everything in our worldview now is directly linked to a prehistoric and primitive perspective beneath all that we think, organize and envision in our human world.  That the reason we see hostility and threat around us, and the reason we obsessively focus in terror in our own private, selfish lives is because of the primitive window from which we now see and understand universe.

There is a way out in universe, and it requires evolving a higher consciousness and a syndrome of meaning beyond the separate, isolated “circles of light” we live.  Nothing we do within that separate discrete awareness we live…no personal enlightenment, spiritual quest, organization or success within our eternally isolated and discrete lives will change anything.  Our world has had enough of that selfish and primitive worldview.  The answer is to somehow reach outside of and beyond our separate lives in a new dimension and from the higher ground of a metamorphosis of the human mind.  Only outwardness, not inwardness, and manifesting the dream and the destiny of all universe will save humankind.  Doing something impossible that has never been done before…hand in hand together.

This world you and I are living through is becoming impossible to bear.  And there seems to be no way out.  Yet somewhere within us is secreted the dream of a new day…the chance for human life on earth to begin again, in a different way.  For the first time ever you and could do the impossible.  If only you and I could reach together and believe in that dream.  If only we could.”

p 124-125 “If Only We Could”,  Saltspring Soliloqies ©2016 by James L. Anderson