All of us have been consumed and overwhelmed in a tidal wave of anticipation of something astounding that is imminently approaching, but the full picture of exactly what that transformation is has not percolated into concrete form in our present world.
That shape, image and true form of this impossible, unimaginable and oncoming imminent Human transformation is what I have spent my life struggling to define.

And this is what I have found.
Our life force is in the midst of the evolution to what will be a new species. That species will one day somehow evolve the incomprehensible capacity and ability to ultimately reach beyond what we now know and perceive as our own separate, isolated lives to a transcendental leap in consciousness where each of us will be able to live the foreign and unknown reality of another life. Those new, consummate Humans will be able to totally and completely expand the intense, visceral and absolute closed dimension that we now experience and know as the discrete reality of our own private and discrete lives into a dimension beyond psychic, clairvoyant, intense loving sensitivity and extreme, empathic and interpersonal symbiosis in an transcendental evolution, to where those future Human beings will somehow evolve the magnificent ability to share life itself. This is now beyond the horizon and threshold of our present human understanding. This is the transformation all of us are headed towards. One day Human beings will know what it is like to live another Human life.
All of us must begin to see this astounding fact, and start to absorb it into our primitive Human mindset. We must begin the journey to evolve into a new Human world.
In this process we will by necessity enter into a dimension and an unknown that has essentially never been before. This is the essence of what in nature we now accept and perceive evidence of in our present primitive awareness as… metamorphosis.
Our Human species and life force will then be part of and commence the transformation to something new and embryonic. You and I, and all Humankind will essentially become a metamorphosis. And the only understanding and relation that we, and our primitive minds have with this unimaginable concept of metamorphosis is that everything will, and must change.
This is true. In our primitive ignorance we must begin to understand that beyond that wild, incomprehensible oncoming maelstrom which we cannot presently clearly perceive, our life force is headed towards… Nothing will remain the same. We will become something new, essentially a new species that has never been before.
Imagine that.
It is therefore absolutely essential, and vital for you and I to somehow journey beyond colossal and fatal prehistoric ignorance and begin to clearly see exactly what this transformation will be.

What form will this new Human species and this New Human world take?
In my two books; “A New Way to be Human on Earth”, and especially in “The Way Home for Humankind”, I have tried to more clearly describe the outrageous and staggering changes and the new Golden Age for Humankind this Transformation will bring, and how it will open a door into a New Human world.
I am trying to generate this image outward into our world at large.
This is why I have communicated to you. It is an image and a vision that is really too immense for one person to manage. It is really a vision and a dream for an entire life force to take possession of. I am trying to set it out in the sun for everyone to see. It is a Human transformation. It is our transformation. And it is a Human dream that has been growing and evolving for eons. Deep within all of our emerging awareness in a dimension we have yet to recognize it is happening now, all around us. Each of us are secretly resonating to the secret design and destiny of universe. We are learning to share life itself.
It is therefore time for all of us to do what we were created and born to do. All of us are involved. All of us are part of this. We have to begin to evolve and imagine this new Human world. Together we must do the impossible. And no one can do it alone. Pass it along.