Ideas Change the World

If we are to journey among the stars let us truly go there with universal minds. We must begin to resonate to the underlying flow and harmony of all universe. We must now begin as a civilization to recognize what a huge metamorphosis in consciousness is awaiting us all. We stand today on the edge of a new universe. We are destined for magnificence. Universe is the womb of UNION. The Human mind must escape the prison of “solitary one”, and life itself must be shared. All universe hungers for and will one day reach perfect, total UNION. Beyond our present imagination.

We have reached a Rubicon.

We must look beyond our physical “lives” into our present consciousness on a scale never dreamt of before.

We must look into the soul of universe and into the furthest depths of our essence; further than ever before.

We must reach an almost unreachable destination.

We must now illuminate and realize the hidden meaning of universe, and the life force within us. The times call for our finest efforts. The times demand a mammoth change.

Our future lies beyond a swift, raging river that somehow must be crossed. We must climb the edge of universe beyond the ends of our common  and familiar World to the absolute limits of life itself. We must go there with our minds.

There is now no other way.

Quotes from
TRILOGY © J. L. Anderson
October 2, 1995 (UNPUBLISHED)