Ideas Change the World

Beyond all the irrelevant delusions and ignorance, beneath all the mortal insanity that we now call civilization in this world there is one colossal and astounding truth that is hidden deep within the illusion that each of us live today. Our Human world is disintegrating into chaos and bewildering agony and despair everywhere all around us because there is something fundamental and monstrously invalid. Something is fatally flawed. This is now impossible to ignore. The evidence is undeniable, absolute and inescapable.

Something is catastrophically wrong.

And while this certainty is stark and unavoidable everywhere in this disintegrating Human world today, the shattering truth is that Humankind cannot find the answer to this mortal and fatal problem. No one on this earth today knows what the real problem is. Human beings on this tortured planet do not truly understand or know the answer to save our species from careening into oblivion and extinction. What is the fatal error that is destroying us? What is wrong?

And the reason why our life force cannot find the answer is because,

What is wrong, is…


The entire spectrum of Human rational, logical and ordered thought…the total dimension of all our Human syndrome of meaning…HOW we think and establish reason and meaning itself are corrupted by catastrophic error. The foundations upon which you and I, and every Human being on this earth today make sense of and understand all universe and reality today are invalid and wrong. There is a fatally flawed Primal Perspective upon which all our order, reason and logic are now built upon that none of us have even suspected is there. This is why our life force is careening into chaos and destruction and we have absolutely no idea how to stop that tragic and fatal death march to oblivion. The problem is that essentially we have to change EVERYTHING to save our Human species from destruction. And there is only one dimension from which to contemplate and comprehend such an astounding, unimaginable and transcendent change to EVERYTHING in our Human world. In all universe there is only one reference point that we can relate to. That one and only point of reference is simply Metamorphosis.

What you and I and our entire Human life force are now up against is the magnificent and almost incomprehensible approaching threshold of a Metamorphosis of the Human mind itself, beyond which nothing…absolutely nothing will remain and stay the same.

This is the staggering and almost incomprehensible challenge you and I now face, if we are to survive and carry the Human dream into the future.

This is why none of us have any true answers that can help us and save our species. Those answers have yet to be formed and can only be found somewhere in the embryonic potential and the meaning of universe and life itself, and within the as yet untapped magnificence and future potential of our primitive Human minds. To entrain and tune our life force to that mystery demands that we somehow find a New Way to be Human on Earth to carry the Human dream through the unimaginable beyond of Metamorphosis that now haunts and beckons to all of us. And for our life force, and our children’s children to survive, we all must somehow become and be that impossible dream.

That secret fatal flaw and hidden Primal Perspective now beneath all of Human logical thought, and the invisible, approaching threshold of a coming Metamorphosis of the Human mind are ground zero for the launching of these World Changing Ideas into our modern world at large.

“From here outward the waves spread…the echoes begin.”

As a life force on this planet that fatal flaw now secreted beneath all our logical and rational mindset constitutes a fundamental ignorance that we have yet to truly recognize and appreciate. Even more insidious is the stark truth that it is this elemental and primal IGNORANCE that is the reason our Human civilization and our biosphere that sustains life for us all is disintegrating and falling apart everywhere, all around us today. It is that ignorance that is destroying our world.

We Human beings…all of us, have yet to comprehend this.

All the hate, fear, rage, violence, selfishness, terror, vengeance and brutal, ruthless inhumanity now devouring our world have been spawned from that elemental and catastrophic ignorance. It is because of that monstrous ignorance that we live lives of illusion and irrelevance, so out of touch with the unknown, natural continuity of nature. It is why you and I are so oblivious of the deep abiding truths manifested beyond our primitive understanding in all universe itself. It is why we are all not yet truly evolved.

It is that systemic and deep prehistoric ignorance now centering all of our primitive awareness that is the reason we simply cannot see and viscerally understand that none of us by ourselves can survive and be safe from the coming catastrophic crisis all of us are headed toward. No one can survive alone. Our only hope is together. The Human life force and the Human dream will end unless we find a way to come together. Unless we find peace. Unless we can reach out to each other and become a United life force on this planet. To survive we must somehow come together.

This we cannot do. And we cannot come together because we simply do not truly care for each other enough. It is that fatal ignorance that is keeping us apart.

No one anywhere on this earth today has come to the astounding revelation that we cannot truly and completely care for each other because of that secret and fatal ignorance now hidden to us all in this careening, desperate and disintegrating lost Human civilization. Together we must carry our life force beyond that destructive and primitive ignorance.

That lethal ignorance will end life on this earth if we let it. We cannot let that happen.

We cannot let the dream die.

You and I have to begin the journey beyond that fatal ignorance that is now hidden and still lurking in this world. We have to find the light and the vision within us all to carry our life force beyond that primitive and fatal ignorance that has been hidden to our primitive awareness for eons. Somewhere within us we must find the strength and unity to come together and do this impossible thing.

And it will take a metamorphosis of the Human mind to make it so.