Heaven Help Us All

You can feel it.  So do I.  Deep, deep within us all we sense its stealthy and deadly approach.  Something monstrous this way comes.  We know.  We try to divert ourselves with entertainment and illusions, desperately focusing on our own lives and loved ones. Our leaders are so carefully and skilfully trying to bury us with such merciless, inane, spurious and rabid misdirection and conflict.  They are simply desperate to keep us from the stark and murderous truth.  They know, and you and I within us, somewhere, we really do know.  If that catastrophic truth escapes and you and I are brought kicking and screaming to behold it face to face— their masterful con job, the shadows, and the pathetic delusions we now spend our superficial, irrelevant and consumed lives upon will disappear overnight. And each of us honoring, sustaining and resonating to the life force and the potential that shines within us all will demand that… like in the saga of our courageous ancestors that is etched in the artifacts, ancient evidence and deep time legends of our magnificent species…we will gather our life force together and rage to somehow triumph, once again.  And we will do what has to be done. We always have.  Since the beginning, long and long ago, our forbears somehow conquered the impossible and overcame every horror and agony to carry the Human dream through for all our children’s children.  No matter what.

No matter what. No chains will bind us. No artificial power on earth can hold back that tide.  It is “They” who are living in a dream world if they think they can hide from, privately escape oblivion, or hold back that unconquerable force.  The proof is in every one of us walking this earth today.  Within us all there is a force of nature that will not be denied.  It is called the Human dream. And it is merely the living proof of the destiny that Universe manifests everywhere.  It just speaks through us while we are alive.  It evolves and breathes in every single, living Human being on this earth.  It will never die.

We will make this a Human world…still.

We will carry the Human Dream into a better world.  (You and I.)

Heaven help us all.

“…Our world is disintegrating around us and we are careening towards oblivion and extinction because of this primitive prison all of us are captive in.  And to escape we have to find a way out of and beyond our own separate, isolated and lonely lives…evolve a higher consciousness and create a metamorphosis of the human mind.

We have to create a world where this can happen. Where desperate and tormented human beings can escape this rabid, wretched and ruthless business of surviving in a barbaric and primitive world and be given the chance to dream and create the impossible.

There is something ahead, beneath the surface now, that is more important than power, politics, profit or propaganda. It is about a civilization, a life force, a dream that is yet unfinished. It is about finally fulfilling the destiny we were all created for. It is about fashioning a human world and a human society free of greed, brutality, inhumanity or agony. It is about carrying an ancient dream into a new universe…and a new human spiritual renaissance. Something impossible, never done before. Hand in hand… together.”

p. 36-37 “The Whisper of a Dream” Saltspring Soliloquies, © 2016 by James L. Anderson