Consciousness projects itself like a headland into the seas.” 
Cedric Wright

Through a simple convergence of circumstance you and I are living through the time of destiny for all Humankind. And there is nothing special about us. All we are is Human. That is all our life force has ever been…part of a Dream. It is time we find a way to come together and finally make our Human Dream come true. Lurking in us all is the potential to do something incredible and impossible. All we have to do is find a way to let that magnificence rise to the surface in our world today, and answer the challenge that no one has been able to answer throughout all history. There is a secret, primeval problem hidden deep in the fabric of our yet primitive Human minds. We must humbly face the shattering truth that we are fundamentally ignorant of what universe and life itself truly mean. The sublime evolution of our Human mind is not finished. We stand today on the threshold of the birth of a higher consciousness, and the evolution of a new Human species on this planet. We must once again transform and evolve into a new way to be Human on earth. There is no other way for us to survive. We Human beings on this earth today are guardians of the destiny of an entire life force. You and I must make this impossible journey for every Human being that has ever walked this earth.

So that the Human chain will not end.