From Within

“True growth, change and lasting progress always comes from within.  From the magnificent potential inside us all.  From the true glory and destiny of Universe speaking through all of our lives. In the final analysis the finest thing any of our leaders can do for us is to truly believe in each of us enough so that they inspire us to be more than we thought we could possibly become. To touch the common soul we all share. Each of us have the potential to leave behind our primitive state of mind and become one whole, golden new civilization together. We can solve this insanity and change this shattering disintegration into magnificent cohesion.  It is time you and I reach beyond our desperate, separate lives and stand together as one life force and do the impossible, hand in hand. We must learn to truly care for each other and carry the Human chain of life into eternity. Deep inside every one of us the light still flickers.  The hope still endures. At last and finally it is up to us. We must make it through. We carry the Human Dream.”

Taken from p. 1-2, “A New Way to be Human on Earth” © 2012  James L. Anderson