For Old Times’ Sake – 2

In the sea of havoc around us today in this stark, wrenching world it is being whispered that nothing will ever be the same. It may be true. And perhaps hidden beneath all the savage devastating horror all of us are struggling to somehow make sense of today… the shattering unbelievable lesson buried beneath it all can only be understood if we see everything in the monstrous context that our life force on this earth is being challenged with extinction. Now. 

Everything then comes down to one, and only one ultimate test. Do we have within us the courage, the vision and the gift we all share together to find the way through the horror Hell threatening to send us to dark oblivion forever…or “Being Human” do we once again somehow make it through together and survive?

The odds are against us. They always have been. We have always been riverboat gamblers, one in a million dreamers gaming everything we are and love in a never say die blood wager against impossible odds. Always.

And our greatest gift has always been in the secret strength we have of reaching out, coming together and hand in hand finding the way through against all odds, believing invincibly somehow that we will do the impossible again, and make it through.

It is our little secret. And our ace in the hole is that the roulette table is actually Universe itself, fulminating towards the impossible dream of perfect, total UNION of all creation. And everything everywhere is at stake in this magnificent quest. It is why LIFE has been breathed into us.

They say that we are all living in a world of cognitive dissonance. But the simple truth is that we will not let the Human dream die, and we are just sleepwalking through our lives now, waiting. 

Waiting for the new dream to form within us that will lead us through…      together.

Through devastating global catastrophe, crushing and monstrous deadly tyranny and wretched oppression, desperate hunger, thirst and unimaginable want and crippling need which never, ever seemed to stop our life force made it through. In clinging on the edge of the black horror, for years and centuries they survived. And so will we.

God only knows how.

Do we get off our knees courageously, once again and as one United life force evolve to become truly HUMAN on this earth? No longer needing to be led by now inhuman alien Global Fools who are unable to believe in impossible things, who cannot dream and simply do not care about anything but saving themselves?

Is the Human Dream about hope, light and love, or is it all about fear and hate? 

Will our children’s children be abandoned and driven to only survive in a world of slavery, darkness and spiritual death?

Or do we find a New Way to be Human on earth…together?

You and I.

Up north, here in Canada the wild geese are gathering and flocking together once again. In honking and haunting songed concert they are once more storied in winged floating Vee’s carved across the sky doing what they have done for thousands and thousands of years in the past.

They know.

They know the time has come.

Time to forget everything but taking flight, wingtip to wingtip.

Beating and bounding together away. And they know deep within them where they have to go. As one force they have to take flight and dream 

their way together thru thousands of miles somehow. 

Through volcanic eruption, catastrophic storms, even blinding leviathan man-made forest fire suffocating smoke miles and miles high, impossibly they found their way through. Do or die onward, always…South.

Where they belong.

Not so lucky…You and I.

We all are still chained in economic and spiritual slavery, and in the “solitary one” prehistoric ignorance of only “self” and “me” unable to escape and fly away into a New Human World and universe of US. 

That vague, nebulous unspoken dream is even now gathering within us, waiting finally for the time to come where our life force will evolve a higher form of Communication that will allow us to “Share” life itself. In so doing we will become a new Human Species hand in hand together and evolve above this coming Hell on Earth ahead of us. 

It will open the door to a New Human world on earth where our children’s children will grow and glory in a magnificent new future world now beyond our imagination. Wait for it.

There is horror and hate and dark ignorance closing in upon us, but we will find our way through. You and I.

It is ahead of us somewhere…somewhere South. 

We will gather and set sail aloft and away into the impossible and beyond. 

To survive.

Where we belong.