For Old Times’ Sake – 1

It was a time and an age like no other.  The 1960’s.  The worldwide surge of Baby Boomers born in the jubilance following the end of the horror and brutality of a world war, and the escape from decades of austerity, restraint and depression our young life force reached critical mass when we reached adolescence.

The healthiest, wealthiest and most precocious generation ever rocked the world in a massive shockwave of rebellion, expectation and hope.  Blessed with affluence and freedom we challenged the status quo to the limit.  

And for every sign carrying protester, long haired flower child, marching anti-war protester and social revolutionary being tear gassed there were thousands and thousands of us living conventional and passive lives that shared the same rebellious hope, felt the same revolution inside us, longed for the same liberation.  All of us were carrying the same dream that we secretly shared. The dream to change the world. To make it better.

In our foolish youthful blind ignorance we believed the impossible…that miraculous change would come. That truth, justice, compassion, equality and peace would come to a tormented and inhuman world if everyone could simply see the outrageous wrong. Witness the wretchedness. Feel the desperate suffering and savagery. 

But nothing really changed.

Trying to digest this shattering truth that no one really cared caused an entire generation to collapse and self-destruct. 

We wanted change desperately, but we really had no idea how deep that change had to be.  We didn’t understand that to change anything we had to change everything.  The rock hard reality we could not understand and comprehend then was that to truly change our world and make it better, we had to change the human mind itself.

You and I have to recognize that truth today.

And now all of us old rebels and flower children are in the years of twilight.  

Somehow we survived those desperate years of despair and self-destruction. We have made bargains and concessions, but somewhere deep in us all the dream and the flower still grows.

We are all close to the end of the road, now. But, in the most vulnerable and desperately weak positions we have ever been in, perhaps we don’t have much to really lose anymore.

Remember what it once felt like to believe that we could change the world? What a legacy it would be if we could finally finish the job we started half a century ago. Maybe we can believe again, one last time…                         For old times’ sake.

I was born in 1946, after my father returned home from flying 100 missions in the horror, lost air war in Mainland China. He was a young “rocket man” flying his P-51 technological wonder– part of the “Divine Wind” air corps that tried desperately to protect and defend the Chinese people from the merciless slaughter of insane, mindless, inhuman war.

But in the end, hopelessly alone, hung out to dry flying night and day running out of ammo, fuel, spare parts and daylight in 100 ft ceiling torrential monsoons hopelessly overwhelmed the entire shattered 14th Air Force along with millions of destitute, starving and helpless peasants were left running for their lives half a world away so long, long ago in wretched, savage, unimaginable Hell on earth. And somehow he survived.

It had to be something beyond belief to live through, and he never breathed a word about it, ever.

But, he finally came home. And like hundreds of thousands of courageous, impossible men and women survivors of Hell on earth who stood and reached beyond dark, savage madness that had engulfed seemingly forever our life force on this earth…he impossibly found within himself to dream again, and somehow with invincible hope gathering together for a better world, one more time. 

My Dad came home and with my mother, they made me. To somehow make a better world. To make the world “Human” again. And so, I and my brother and sisters are part of his dream. We are his dream. The dream of walking this earth, “Being Human” once again… against all odds.

Like his world almost a century ago that had been brought to its knees with a global depression and a monstrous, insane World War all of us are being brought to our knees once again. 

And the odds are that in this deranged, inhuman world today where You and I are lost in hate, war and alien, monstrous savagery what lies ahead is simply the insane horror of tactical, nuclear holocaust Hell on earth and a New World Order that is clandestinely and covertly being engineered around us now…beyond which no one will ever be able to walk this earth “Being Human” ever again, and the dream of a better world where at last and finally we truly CARE for each other will be lost forever. 

This time it simply does not seem possible that anyone will survive to come home from that monstrous global catastrophic “end game” to piece together this world and find the way to dream a New Human World where our children’s children can live “Human” again. This time the Human Dream must finally die.

It is up to us.

We cannot surrender while there is still breath left within us.
It is up to us to somehow keep the Human Dream alive.
Like all of our courageous ancestors before us, we have to do the impossible, again.