In the middens, the sea wall rock faces, the caves of Lascaux and the bones and artifacts left buried at Olduvai Gorge and everywhere the evidence is there.  It is true. They walked this earth. They were here.

Scientists have carefully amassed the logical and inert, clinical order of genetic, lifeless facts. They speak of land bridges, ocean voyages in outrigger canoes confidently plotting with grand sweeping arrows the torrent and the saga of Humans storming across the globe since the last ice age. As if it really matters.

What really matters is that they were here. They came. They suffered and triumphed through savage adversity and catastrophic events on Earth. They kept our life force and the Great chain of Being unbroken so that you and I could live today. They kept the Human Dream alive for us all. And we owe them. We owe them everything.

Red, Yellow, Black, White and Brown. It is the same story all over the globe, amplified through the epochs. Always the same. Small embattled bands and extended families. Tightly banded tribes efficiently and tactically roving the steppes and the savannas. Clinging youngsters, weathered kindred. Enduring through the ice ages and the eons.

The men. Courageous. Standing in storm. Holding the course, gathering the tribe, roaring into battle. Challenging any foe. And their rock solid, indomitable women staunchly beside them. Feral and Fierce. Perfectly balancing the almost pre-human strength and invincible rage to protect, provide and conquer driving their men with abiding strength somehow centered within. Grounding them. Awakening the spiritual wonder and unearthing the mystery. Gifting them with family. Connecting them with forever.  Entangling them in eternity.

You and I today in this disintegrating collage that we call civilization live in a world of orchestrated irrelevance and superficiality. Our lives are buried alive in microseconds, financial bondage, propaganda and mind control. All around us now in stultifying disregard and colossal ignorance we obliviously accept in blinding fear the casual, wretched suffering and death of children and Human life everywhere around us. And the whispering horror of the end of the Human Dream and the Human Species on earth forevermore secretly haunts us all.

We all would do well to try to recall and remember somewhere in the dim recesses lost now in the dark shadows of deep time, that age where our life force raged daily against the stark horror and unimaginable challenge of life or death all around us…everywhere. We must revel in the truth that Human Beings somehow did survive. We must begin to focus on the truth that somewhere in that ancient prehistory our magnificent ancestors did the impossible and found the way through the horror and catastrophic age of that unimaginable prehistoric agony. They made it through and carried the fragile thread of Humankind into a new day. Today you and I must do it all again.

All of us once again are up against a monstrous, fearful time where life itself is in terrible jeopardy and peril. For our children and all who are yet to come, within us we must resurrect that same indomitable, courageous spirit and the Human Dream that will not die. One day in the future the forgotten story and saga of our triumph and survival today through this present catastrophic age will be discovered in the bones and remnants left behind by our long lost civilization of today. And that resurrected memory in a future world yet to come will stir and inspire Humankind once again.   And they will wonder as we do now in pondering our own astounding, incredible forgotten ancestors, how on earth we found the way through.