Crossing the Rubicon

“One day the idea that the universe is always inclining towards perfect UNION without any BETWEEN will seem as simplistically self-evident and patently obvious as the present day accustomed fact that the earth is round now seems to us.  And, more importantly; Unified, “sharing” essences of the future will one day look back upon these tumultuous and chaotic times which you and I now endure through and see them as valiant, bleak and grossly primitive phases of incomprehensible ignorance and barbarity.  They will wonder as we do now when we piece together the world of Cro-Magnon, or Neanderthal humanoids how life ever survived such impossible wretchedness.

All life and all universe are interconnected with the same bond, to Unite itself. The whole purpose of life is to eliminate any separation BETWEEN itself.  All universe hungers for perfect UNION.  This is what the light and the dark, the living and the dead, the rhythm and the silence and the coming and the going are all inclining towards.  This is what it all means…..UNION.  A perfect Union that has never before existed anywhere.  A UNION where everything belongs.  A final Unity of all disparity.  The ultimate synthesis which interrelates all universe past, present and future into one immense, organismic whole. Perfect, total UNION. Something we can not now even imagine.

We have reached a Rubicon.

We must look beyond our physical “lives” into our present consciousness on a scale never dreamed of before. We must look into the soul of universe and into the furthest depths of our essence…further than ever before.  We must reach an almost unreachable destination.  We must now illuminate and realize the hidden meaning of universe, and life itself.  The times call for our finest efforts.  The times demand a mammoth change. Our future lies beyond a swift, raging river that somehow must be crossed.  We must climb the edge of universe beyond the ends or our common and familiar world to the absolute limits of life itself.

We must go there with our minds.
And we must go there together.
There is now no other way”

“…There is an order, a perfection, a Unity which is yet sublime to humankind, but towards which the human journey and the human mind have been gradually approaching since forever.  And each of us, in our own separate, single ways is conscious deep in our souls of a gentle awakening and an irresistible potential towards this coming UNION.  Let us once and for all leave our yolk sac of “solitary one” behind and step into a new day.

In your life when you feel deeply satisfied and happy.  When joy filters through.  When laughter lights up the dark and turbid corners of your life.  When you feel warm, close and everything seems to fit… to be loved, connected, part of the whole, and life itself is priceless–look closely.  There are traces of UNION there, hidden just beneath the surface.”

“…It is time we realize exactly where we are.  We are on the edge of an immense metamorphosis.  It is time we acknowledge Total, perfect UNION.

It is time we discard the vast wastes of irrelevance which overwhelm our lives, and begin to spend our most priceless possession–the time of our lives upon only that which is infinitely valuable and incontrovertibly true.  We must escape the suffocation of our own “solitary one” lives.  We must find a way to perfectly “share” life and become one with everything in universe.  We must dare to hazard all we are, and reach into the beyond, past all that we have become…in order to find what we should be.  We were created for something immense.  Somewhere in our difficult, fragmentary and disintegrating lives the seeds of awareness and metamorphosis are rooting, even now. And one day this tragic world of sadness, frustration and savage loneliness will be left behind.  And a new reality will be born.  It is time we left behind the barbaric past of “solitary one” behind and escape forevermore into a new dimension where the human spirit joins with all universe in limitless and wondrous UNION.

If we are to journey among the stars, let us truly go there with universal minds.”

P. 90-95 A New Dream for Humankind, March 14, 1988                                       (Unpublished) by James L. Anderson