Communication: Part 1

We call it communication. And it is vital and precious to us. But it is just a word. And like all words, it symbolizes and secrets something much, much more than we can really postulate. Like an iceberg lumbering in uncharted seas, there is much more lurking in the deep unknown beneath the surface here. Beyond our separate and solitary lives it is merely a whisper of something systemic and profoundly essential to the chemistry and foundation of all universe itself. Somehow it designates and constitutes the fabric and essence that mysteriously weaves our lives and all that we call reality and universe together. That sublime essence of connection and communication somehow is how everything “makes sense.”

At the mortal end of our lives, it often becomes clear to us that the personal, intimate relationships and the intrinsic lines of deep communication with others we have labored to create in lifelong fashion truly founder and give substance and meaning to our lives. And at last, at the very end in stark reflection, nothing else seems to have really mattered.  I have also heard it said that the aberrant and tragic devastation of psychosis, dissociative states and chronic trauma all can be essentially linked to communicative difficulties and break down. Losing that vital link and fundamental, interpersonal connection and the inability to reach outward to others beyond our own private, isolated and tragically discrete lives leaves us deadly alone and vulnerable to mental breakdown and the disintegration of identity and “self”.

So this mysterious driving need to “communicate” could be considered to be, like air, food and water, one of the fundamentally essential necessities of life itself. And, perhaps, beyond our inescapable anthropocentric delusions of grandeur and the persistent, heedless ignorance that has always haunted our troubled and un-evolved life force…perhaps this mysterious hunger and necessary compunction to “communicate” is crucial to the essence and destiny of all universe, itself. Perhaps establishing and maintaining that elemental connectionis something vital to all universe.  More than this. Perhaps this drive to connect, join, intercommunicate and Unify beyond our present awareness forms the design, meaning and central destiny which everything is evolved, orchestrated and created around.

In other words, perhaps this mysterious, vital hunger and need to “communicate” lies not only at the centre of our lives, but is the central essence of all Universe, itself. Essentially, it is what defines and centers everything, always and everywhere.

But what are we really saying here?