Changing the World

It is true each of us, if we are allowed to live free without fear, believe that we are gifted, blessed…exceptional. That we have intrinsic essential value and that there is something incomparably sacred in the very fabric of our beings. We have not really understood How? or Why? this is so, but each of us unquestionably believe, or at least most certainly used to believe this to be true.

But not so much now. Why?

It is because we foolishly believe we are superior, “exceptional” or Chosen for all the wrong reasons. We are not gifted because of our web of Rational, Logical, symbolic, “critical” and cognitive thought that we think elevates us to the throne of almost divine and righteous supremacy in all universe. We are not special and superior because of what we own, the power or control we have, or because of the color of our skin or our social, spiritual or political status. These are all just false illusions that have nothing to do with the Human Dream that each of us carry. They have nothing to do with the meaning and the destiny of life or all universe itself, and will not lead us to find the way home, where we belong.

We are all Gifted, special and profoundly exalted because we have been given the incomparable joy and potential of Life itself.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

And this does not and cannot make us better than anyone or anything else. It is something that simply must bring us together and align us with a deep resonance and synthesis with what Life really means and a final AWARENESS that lifts us to at last find communion with the destiny of all Universe. And none of us have reached that spiritual and divine threshold yet. None of us deserve to foolishly believe we are Gods on this earth. And we must find the way to evolve beyond and escape the primitive and isolated prison of “Solitary One” and ego, me and self that each of us are helplessly chained in today. None of us can reach and glory in the incomparable potential of Life alone. That can only evolve and be found together.

It is an outrageous idea that for us all to survive into the future our Human Life Force will create the incomprehensible ability to “share” life and transform into another Human Species and a New Way to Be Human on Earth…and simultaneously evolve a metamorphic transformation leading us almost unimaginably into another Giant Leap forward and a new Golden Age where our children’s children will survive into the future to keep the Human Dream alive. This is simply an astounding concept.

And we all have yet to finally understand that there is something long buried within us that is keeping us from learning to be what we were all born to become; Something negative and critically defective that will not allow us to escape and evolve into a New Human World; Keeping us from evolving and learning to “share” Life.

You and I have yet to comprehend what that fatal factor really is.

It has to do with the primitive way we now think and make sense of universe. It has to do with the Logical, Rational, symbolic, “critical” and cognitive thought that now structures and is centered beneath the entire colossus of our complex, scientific, space- age, and computerized technological wonder civilization you and I are raging through in this world today. It has to do with believing that with this Rational, Logical and symbolic thought Human beings are sacred, objective, dispassionate, impartial and righteous. That it elevates us into the glorious destiny, design and magnificence of all Universe itself, where we are “speaking in the language that God has written the Universe”, that Human Beings are now blessed with the mental embodiment of the “Mind of God”.

This is simply just not true.

The truth is that when we look out upon universe now, and we think we see the order, laws, symbols and mathematical, scientific formulas and expressions of our sacred, logical and rational divine Godlike thought…we are really seeing a universe that has been conformed and abstracted into a mirror that only reflects the isolated, discrete, disconnected and “Solitary One” reality we all primitively exist in and Live.In other words in the alternate, abstract reality we have created in our minds all universe simply reflects and extrapolates to us all the isolated, discrete, eternally disconnected and private existence that each of us know as “life”. In this invariant, perfectly determinant process, our lives and Universe with Rational, logical, symbolic thought are melded into exactly the same thing. When we conceptualize or define symbols, logic, order or law anywhere beyond us out there in Universe at large what we see and comfortably acknowledge is a mirror that simply reflects and justifiably validates our own isolated, discrete and forever disconnected “solitary one” lives. Discretely centered lives- discretely centered Universe. All unknown Universe and our separate isolated lives are sanitized, molded and woven with the identical cloth. When we see isolated, separate and perfectly discrete symbols, numbers, words or names, we are seeing ourselves.

This means that all our rational, logical, symbolic “critical” thought is at last a false, illusory reality that will not allow us to escape our own separate, discrete “solitary one” lives. We cannot really begin to truly know anything outside and beyond ourselves, like we KNOW our own personal, sensual, physical “selves”. With this flawed alternate illusory reality we can never “share” life beyond us, and knowlife, or anything other than our hopelessly isolated existence. We can never survive to create a New Way to be Human on Earth. And we can never make the Human Dream come true.

This is the most outrageous, impossible and revolutionary idea that has ever risen to the surface since symbolic thought began, thousands and thousands of years ago.

How did this ancient and fatally flawed “awareness” of Logical, Rational, symbolic and “critical” cognitive thought begin?

Let me explain.

Ages and long lost Ages ago our ancient, prehistoric and brilliant ancestors raging through dark, desperate and terrifying lifetimes somehow found within them the focus and the embryonic platform foundation for what we now know as Logical, Rational and Symbolic thought. The basic root structure of all Human logical, rational, Symbolic, “critical” and cognitive thought and reason began with a concept and an idea that I have come to call “Discrete Essence”.

And this massive and unimaginably enormous effort and eternal Human Quest began first of all by forgotten, courageous lifetimes of terrifying, paralyzing mental agonies through age after age spent obsessively and methodically reducing the mystery magical invisible wonder of throbbing Life within us all into a mental image and visualization that somehow miraculously precipitated into form and recognizable shape in those forgotten primordial, ancestral and prehistoric mindscapes, long ago.

This is the mental image that captured and represented “Life- itself” which they created.

Somehow LIFE came and was miraculously born from empty, nothing non-existence… raged screaming in wild, explosive, captivating magnificence and all consuming wonder Glory…and then the wild, sacred magnificent glory disappeared and was tragically and sorrowfully lost once again into colorless, empty nothing non-existence. It was therefore indecipherably isolated. Absolutely and irrevocably disconnected. LIFE was unalterably, eternally and irreversibly, totally DISCRETE!

And this haunting, sorrow cycle was repeated before them again and again and again, manifested through another endless saga of ages and ages, until it was incredibly crystallized into the first primogenitive function…the first elemental “Symbol” that now serves as the foundation of every symbolic representation everywhere in the logical matrix which now illuminates everything we conceive, define and know and that establishes how we now primitively make SENSE of all reality.

This is the source code of every Symboleverywhere and anywhere now today. Every Symbol that interrelates, overcomes and conquers the whispering UNKNOWN ghost of Death now makes all cosmology forever speak the “known” language of Life and our own “Solitary One”, separate, totally isolated and discrete lives instead of deadly UNKNOWN… and it is simply this:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . “DISCRETE ESSENCE” . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This attack dog of discrete  essence now secretly lurks in the mirrored representative phantom form of equation, number, name and word etc. shadowing us everywhere in our ordered Logic and Reason today. It symbolically centers all the matrix we populate Universe with as: elementary particle- brane- string- quark- photon- GOD particle etc.

It even whispers now in these discrete symbols that capture the dormant and tamed discrete essence  (of life) on this page by the words you are comfortably reading now.

And so when we see symbols, words, names and numbers and discretely defined rational and logical laws and inviolate, particulate order in our world around us…We are seeing a Universe that perfectly validates our own Solitary, isolated and eternally disconnected lives.  All we end up knowing is ourselves. This does not allow us to evolve beyond all symbolic Logic to truly know other life beyond us…and evolve the ability to “share” life itself. We have to reach beyond it all in a higher, more evolved “awareness” beyond symbols and Logic and our present primitive, fatally flawed prehistoric mindscape…which is all that we have ever known– For our children’s children to survive.

And it is only by evolving into a Higher Species and a Higher consciousness, opening the door into a New Way to be Human on Earth that any of us will carry our Human Life Force into a new Golden Age.