Category: We are Not Yet Fully Evolved

Human Beings on this Earth are not yet fully evolved, and are fatally ignorant. Each of us live in a Primal Prison of “Self”, “ME” and “I” that we never truly escape, or totally “share”. No one has ever known how to live, sense and experience another Human Life as totally as we now “live” our own separate, “solitary one” private lives. This must change for us to survive. Because we live and are imprisoned in our separate, discrete disconnected “Solitary One” lives, all we can therefore comprehend and ignorantly self-know are disconnected, discrete and totally separate selfsame PARTS in the Universe beyond us. Never the WHOLE. To survive. To give our children’s children, and the Human Dream itself a future beyond the insane, monstrous and hopeless insanity of dark oblivion and the eternity of lost extinction now thundering down upon us all… somehow, someway we must dream and spirit a path where we can come Together to Create a Family of Humankind and a New Way to be Human on this Earth where our Life Force is “free at last” to be WHOLE and truly HUMAN.