Category: There is a Fatal Flaw In the Way Our Human Minds Now Function

There is a fatal flaw in the way our Human minds now function-and in the way we “think” itself, which we simply have not recognized. We are not divinely superior and sacredly endowed with Godlike, Symbolic, Rational and Logical consciousness. The Laws, facts, Science, Reason, technology and ordered Symbolic “Thought” do not reveal the “language that God has written the universe in”. They only mirror with symbols, and linearly, singularly, disconnected and totally isolated and discrete events, phenomena and “things”… that simply imitate, personify and populate all universe with similarly discrete symbols of our own private forever separate and “Solitary One” disconnected lives we lead, can never escape or truly “share”. This alternate false illusion cannot give us the answer as to why we have been given the gift of LIFE, what the secret Destiny of our Universe is…or how Humankind can survive. And most importantly it will not open the door to where we can escape the prehistoric prison of “me” to where we all live free in the glory of “US”… where You and I evolve into a New Human World.

Beyond Quantum Physics

“I am of the opinion, however, that this time the problem is forming up the other way around.  This time the phenomenon of Life will eventually tell us something about the laws of nature first.  And when we finally grasp the message, whatever its exact content, there is little doubt that it will command a revolution in our ways of thinking, a turning inside out and upside down of our ideas of space and time, cause and effect, person and identity, that will make relativity and quantum mechanics seem like a casual warm-up for the real event.” p. 104, Beyond the Four Dimensions by Karl Brunstein © 1979

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