Category: Sharing Life

In the Human world to come we all will learn lessons that will allow us, and our children’s children to become enlightened and to survive. In a higher mindscape…we will discover that Universe is actually destined to Evolve in a grand holistic CONTINUUM towards an unborn, perfect total UNION, (a Continuum which we could perceive as a womb)…and we will ultimately at last Evolve to understand that each of us have had LIFE breathed into us to likewise rage towards that identical, magnificent yet unborn UNION. We will also make the first step in the approaching unimaginable Human Evolution when Human Beings learn a higher form of COMMUNICATION that allows us to evolve beyond what we have experienced as love, telepathy, ESP, paranormal and psychic clairvoyance to where one Human Being can truly experience, live and perfectly “SHARE” another Human Life. Our life force will then have at last opened the door into a truly New Way to be Human on Earth, leaving all this insane, inhuman world of hate, horror and war behind us forevermore.