Category: Higher Consciousness and a Metamorphosis of the Human Mind

The reason our Human world and modern civilization are falling apart all around us now is because our species has reached the limits of an ancient, prehistoric and primitive mindset. And we cannot go on living the way we are in this world that is disintegrating around us, everywhere. Things must change outrageously for us to survive. Those that rule and dominate us now hunger to exploit and consume the last free bit within us all that is still Human, to save themselves. But you and I cannot give away the Human Dream that we are. We have to evolve beyond into a Higher consciousness and a metamorphosis of the Human mind to survive. To make this impossible dream come true, we must begin by believing we can evolve into what will be a new Species on this planet, that has evolved the ability to “Share” life itself. And we either become a United Human life force driven to evolve an almost impossible ability to incredibly live other Human lifetimes in a New Way to be Human on this planet… Or we will no longer survive, or have a future on this Earth.