Beyond Quantum Physics

“I am of the opinion, however, that this time the problem is forming up the other way around.  This time the phenomenon of Life will eventually tell us something about the laws of nature first.  And when we finally grasp the message, whatever its exact content, there is little doubt that it will command a revolution in our ways of thinking, a turning inside out and upside down of our ideas of space and time, cause and effect, person and identity, that will make relativity and quantum mechanics seem like a casual warm-up for the real event.” p. 104, Beyond the Four Dimensions by Karl Brunstein © 1979

“After eons of evolution, after millennia of struggling to survive and to puzzle out some sense, order and meaning in universe, we modern humans today still stare nightly out into the heavens knowing deep in the depths of our being that the true mystery of universe has yet to be answered.  Is there some secret “order” in universe?  An “Undivided Wholeness?”  Is there harmony?  Is there Unity?

Philosophers, mystics, poets and dreamers believe there is a secret underlying Oneness in universe.  But they do not know for sure.  Scientists and Physicists believe they have uncovered the elemental answers of universe with Quantum Theory and the Standard Model of physics, yet the discovery of a Unified Theory and an underlying comprehensible continuity to all universe eludes them.  Their “laws” of physics are awash in a sea of indeterminacy, uncertainty, non-linearity and non-local mystery.

Scientists may emphatically state that because their elegant mathematics and the Standard Model accurately predict universe and give statistically “correct” answers that this mysterious design of universe has been found.  Yet if it were truly the answer which all the secret harmony, synthesis and continuity of universe were manifested around, then you and I would live in a perfectly harmonized, unified and peaceful world simply elaborated from that Scientific Truth.  We do not…”

“I believe it is time for another orientation and explanation of universe.  It is time we all recognize that the true use of “Occam’s Razor” would result in the recognition that the simplest resolution to the insoluble complexities, the “particle zoo”, the indeterminacies, the insolubilities, relativity, inconsistencies and uncertainties of the modern scientific reality would be to finally acknowledge that the total, fundamental and elemental orientation of that cosmology is false.  It is flawed.  It is wrong.  And more than anything else, it must be discarded and replaced by another worldview because that vision has failed to unite humankind and capture the human soul.  It has failed to inspire us all to surpass the coming crisis of “utopia or oblivion”, and the death spiral of an entire civilization which we are now in the midst of.  Nowhere in the vague, esoteric and abstruse mathematical equations is there that beautiful dream for us all that will create a new spiritual renaissance and a new civilization. For us all to survive into the next century, we must find that dream.”

P 2-3, Consciousness beyond Quantum Physics, 1999

(Un-published) by James L. Anderson