Being Human: Part Two

Every human being that has ever lived has been engaged in this titanic battle between that dark unknown and the dream of union that is splendored everywhere in our natural world, and all universe itself. This is the real global conflict. And every human on earth is a warrior. It is simply about a lurking, primal ignorance that is buried deep within us all. It is that fatal ignorance masquerading as evil in our world that now threatens to destroy us, and carry us over the edge into the horror unknown of eternal extinction and dark, endless oblivion.

We are all Human. Everyone on this earth struggles to get by, trying to protect and preserve our loved ones and the ever smaller part of us that still remains Human. And through it all to the end we still have faith that somehow it will all work out. Day after day we still continue on going to work and heading out to face the world and our lives that are ever more consumed. Ever more exploited. Ever more dehumanized.

Relentlessly, we reach through the impenetrable darkness for the light.
We just never seem to give up. Against all odds we still warrior on with indomitable faith that somehow we will triumph in this galactic battle. And we never even realize our human war between darkness and light and the quest for perfect unity are simply manifesting the dream and sacred destiny of universe itself. It is all the same. Everything is sacred. Everything belongs. Everything is connected. Somewhere in the essence of our humanity, and in the embryonic gift of our awakening minds the seeds are there. The dreaming potential for a New Human world is alive within us. Together we just have to find the light where it can grow.

Thousands and thousands of years from this darkness, agony and terror that you and I rage through today, a new Human species and unimaginable, supreme future beings will look back through the long shadows of deep time and see the horrors of this age and know it as the time when our besieged life force began to evolve into a new Human species on this planet. And they will glory and celebrate it as the age when our life force finally gathered together and found the light…And left the dark ignorance behind us forevermore.

Darkness cannot put out darkness; Only light can do that.”
Martin Luther King